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Band Steering is a solution ensures that clients are connected to the best radio. Dual Band supported Gateway can transmit SSIDs in both 2.4GHz and 5GHz frequency band. Enabling and disabling of Band Steering can be done through dmcli command line utility.

Environment Setup

Band Steering feature requires dual band capability i.e device should be able to broadcast SSID in both 2.4GHz and 5GHz frequency. Also this feature will be of use and applicable only to 5GHz capable device. Older 2.4 GHz-only capable devices cannot benefit from this feature. Still older 2.4GHz-only clients can connect and operate on 2.4GHz frequency only.

Executing System

Band Steering by default will be disabled. The user can enabled it using dmcli command as shown below.

Enabling Band Steering Example:

After enabling of Band Steering, the SSID broadcasted by the two interfaces are same. A 5GHz capable client will normally connect to a 5GHz client and older 2.4GHz client will connect to 2.4GHz frequency band.

Both Bands having same SSID:

Disabling of Band Steering will reset all previously made configuration on the 5GHz band. Band Steering can be disabled by the below command.

Disabling Band Steering Example:

Setting the Threshold value Example:

Threshold get and setThreshold after set

Client connected to 5GHz initially Example:

Client after switching to 2.4GHz when RSSI signal goes above -25dBm Example:

Client association and disassociation event capture:

Event capture


  • Error Messages

If enabling of the Band Steering fails, then both the band will have different SSIDs, still Wifi would operate and wireless clients can connect to them.

  • Special Considerations

Device should be dual band capable to support Band Steering functionality.







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