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Apps will communicate with the app manager through the interprocess communication library rt. rt enables the app manager to call functions in your application and for your application to send events and status to the app manager.

Using rt:

// Your object to be registered must inherit the rtObject interface
// Here you will declare your object and define functions.
class MyObject : public rtObject {
  rtDeclareObject(MyObject, rtObject);
  rtMethodNoArgAndNoReturn("suspend", suspend);
  rtMethodNoArgAndNoReturn("resume", resume);

// You then need to initialize rt and register your object.
rtError rc = rtRemoteInit();
const char* objectName = "MY OBJECT";
MyObject* myObject = new MyObject;
rc = rtRemoteRegisterObject(objectName, myObject);

// Then for rt processing to work you must call its process
// iteration in your apps main loop.

// This will register a callback that will get called everytime there is rt messages
// to be processed
rtRemoteRegisterQueueReadyHandler( rtEnvironmentGetGlobal(), rtRemoteCallback, nullptr );

// You then must call rtRemoteProcessSingleItem() to process the message. You can do
// this as part of your apps main loop or use a thread and wait on a condition.
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