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Resolution changes can be handled through the wayland output mechanism. Add a listener on wl_output and then a callback for outputHandleMode. The outputHandleMode callback will be called with resolution changes. This will also be called once first registered to get initial output resolution.

// Connect to display and registry callback with wayland registry
display= wl_display_connect(display_name);
registry= wl_display_get_registry(display);
wl_registry_add_listener(registry, &registryListener, &ctx);

// In registry callback add an output listener
output= (struct wl_output*)wl_registry_bind(registry, id, &wl_output_interface, 2);
wl_output_add_listener(output, &outputListener, ctx);

// Make sure your outputListener contains an outputMode callback
static const struct wl_output_listener outputListener = {

//output mode will get passed in a width and height
static void outputMode( void *data, struct wl_output *output, uint32_t flags,
                        int32_t width, int32_t height, int32_t refresh )
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