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The Reference Design Kit for Broadband (RDK-B) is an open source initiative standardising software functionalities for broadband devices enabling MSOs to efficiently deploy services to a large customer base. The primary purpose of RDK-B is to create a standardised software stack for various OEM's providing them with specific features to manage complex broadband functions such as Wide Area Networking (WAN), Local Area Networking (LAN), data reporting and management, home-networking technologies such as Wi-Fi and Multimedia over Coax Alliance (MoCA) and Internet of Things (IoT) controllers such as ZigBee, Bluetooth LE, and AllJoyn/OIC.

RDK-B Stack

RDK-B is based on Cisco’s Common Component Software Platform(CCSP) and is a fully modular, portable, and customizable software solution for broadband devices. The RDK software is available at no cost to RDK licensees in a shared source manner, and RDK community member companies are encouraged to contribute software changes and enhancements to the RDK stack.

The Linux D-Bus in RDK-B is a central point where applications can send and listen to signals and conduct method calls, while extending a common architecture across CPUs.

Advanced Support Program

The Advanced Support Program or ASP, was developed in response to requests from community members for shared development, training and testing tools. The program leverages RDK expertise across the community to develop new tools, enhance training materials and lower individual costs for development.

Media Sponsorship Program

The Media Sponsorship Program or MSP is an exciting new way for RDK members to get even more exposure with their participation in RDK. It acts as an advertising platform for RDK community members to drive awareness of their products, skills and knowledge.

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