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Below is the list of components that has a HAL layer implementation that needs to be ported by SoC vendors.

Closed Caption

ccReader module which does the closed caption decoding is having HAL dependency. API's are specified in ccDataReader.h.

More details on HAL interface can be found here: Closed Caption HAL API's

Device Settings

Devicesettings component is having a hal interface to control device specific peripherals such as video port, audio port and display and front panel. 

More details on hal interface can be found here: Device Settings HAL Types & Public API


Integrates the SoC provided dtcp library with DTCP/IP manager Interface implementation which manages source/sink DTCP/IP sessions and performs the encryption/decryption.

Hal Interface specification: DTCP HAL Interfaces


Contains SoC specific moca libraries, headers and moca profile codes.

API Details: TR69 Host Interface Handler

gst-plugins-rdk /qamtunersrc

qamtunersrc is a push based gstreamer source plugin which tunes to the given service and provides the SPTS data.

  • Manages tuner and demux
  • Filters PIDs required for SPTS
  • Output SPTS as gstreamer buffer


  1. modulation:
  2. frequency : frequency to tune in KHZ.
  3. Tunerid : Tuner Handle

Depends on platform specific libraries for tune, filtering, and pod functionalities

gst-plugins-rdk /playersinkbin

Playersinkbin is a gstreamer bin element consisting of demux, decoder and sink elements. A template file gstplayersinkbin.c.template and gstplayersinkbin.h.template are provided as a reference for SoC implementation. SoC has to add details of platform specific plugins and implement the required properties expected out of them.


SDK Vendors should implement CEC driver interface API as specified in hdmi_cec_driver.h

HAL Interface Specificcation: HDMI-CEC HAL API's specification


Power, IR and DeepSleep modules are having SoC dependency. API's are specified in plat_power.h, plat_ir.h and deepSleepMgr.h


Porting of mediaframework involves porting of the following sub-modules:

  • halcdl
  • haldsg
  • halpod
  • halsnmp
  • halmfr
  • halplatform

Details about HAL api's that require porting will soon be published as part of Doxygen Documentation activity.


MoCA HAL is an abstraction layer, implemented for interacting with MoCA driver. MoCA HAL API's functionality should be ported. moca_hal.c file provides the function call prototypes and structure definitions used for the RDK MoCA hardware abstraction layer. More details about api's can be found here


Service Manager as such doesn't have an HAL part to be implemented, however it can have a platform part that extends/alters it's functionality with few of the legacy services such as Power management (deep sleep), Front panel control, etc


Contains functions for creating and handling native eglwindow. Hal api's are specified in westeros-gl.h. 

wifi (client)

Wi-Fi Client HAL provides an interface (data structures and API) to interact with underlying Wi-Fi driver and enabling the client to be connected with an Access Point.

Hal api's are specified in wifi_client_hal.h. Doxygen Link: Wifi HAL API Specification

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