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org.rdk.UserPreferences.1 - Initial version of the UserPreferences API.


getUILanguage (v1)

Description: Returns the user preferred UI language.

Arguments: none


  • ui_language: string
  • success: bool

Request : {"jsonrpc":"2.0", "id":3, "method":"org.rdk.UserPreferences.1.getUILanguage"}
Response : {"jsonrpc":"2.0","id":3,"result":{"ui_language":"US_en","success":true}}

setUILanguage (v1)

Description: Sets the user preferred UI language.


  • ui_language: string


  • success: bool

Request : {"jsonrpc":"2.0", "id":3, "method":"org.rdk.UserPreferences.1.setUILanguage", "params": {"ui_language": "US_en"}}
Response : {"jsonrpc":"2.0","id":3,"result":{"success":true}}

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  1. What is the expected format for setUILanguage parameter. It seems to take any string currently on rpi. Is this format CountryCode_lang required. Can i just set "en" as setUILanguage. Also what would be the default value on getUILanguage - It returns empty on rpi

  2. It seems like the params have changed to 'ui_language' from 'language'.

  3. Chetan This is a bug and will be handled in a future sprint.

  4. Ganesh Sahu is there a JIRA ticket to track this bug? we are seeing the api taking `language` as the parameter name but this documentation page is for `ui_language`. Confusing which it should be and will be. thanks. 

    1. James Dunn There is a internal ticket for handling the invalid parameter issue. Please create a ticket in case there are additional queries/requirement.

      1. is there an ETA for this bug fix ticket? 

        Also, what would be the different use cases which would require this API and the org.rdk.MediaProperties API. I note the latter API apparently provides the ability to set "preferredSubtitleLanguage" and "preferredAudioLanguage" 

        1. James Dunn could you please provide the link where org.rdk.MediaProperties API are mentioned, I couldn't find any reference on search.

          1. Oops, sorry, I used the wrong name it should be org.rdk.MediaSettings :

            This API provides the interface for the setup of the Media services as well as settings for languages, regions and other preferences.

            Any news about delivery date for bug fix?

            1. James Dunn The mentioned APIs are part of RDK Media Engine which is Work in progress. Once ready it will be realigned with existing APIs.

              below is the response from developer regarding the bug

              I don't see any requirements, how to test language values in our specs:

              Upper level applications have own libraries with full available list of possible values of languages.
              Therefore, responsibility can be moved to the high level API, which always can check language and rewrite it to default value, to avoid using incorrect data. At least at the moment.

              1. Thanks, Ganesh. I guess I miss the point of this API if any string can be given as the language selected. From the developer's comment it appears the API has no functionality, other than perhaps to store the parameter as essentially an opaque string. Is that correct?

                Do we have certainty around the parameter name and the bug fix delivery date yet?