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Features and Bug Fixes between the current Iteration Release (rdkb-20190826) and the previous Iteration Release (rdkb-20190807).

meta-cmf8a9a531Update configs to use rdkb-20190826 branchNA
661dc06Update configs to use nightly/20190826-rdk-dev branch
meta-cmf-raspberrypi49b00d6REFPLTB-349:Firmware upgrade/downgrade support in RPiFeature
2592f00REFPLTB-349: Firmware upgrade/downgrade support in RPi
ff408f1REFPLTB-349:Firmware upgrade/downgrade support in RPi
f42727dREFPLTB-376 : Added Log Rotate Feature modifications  in sysint broadband recipe bb appendEnhancement
f43805aREFPLTB-389 : Modified rdkbLogMonitor script with support of local tftp sever
89294acAdd bbmask for ccsp-telcovoip-agent and ccsp-wanagent
600fe6cREFPLTB-375 : Added ccsp-logagent.bbappend to enable rpi macro to support the CcsplogAgent
03c6ed0Add westeros-sink recipe override to fix patch errorBug Fix
meta-rdk76d184aSKYH4-197:TelcoVOIPAgent to connect to CcspCRFeature
67f0e9eRDK-24689 : Upgrading CEDM version
adaaaeeSKYH4-1368: mask voip-agent and wan-agent recipes for all RDKB devicesBug Fix
meta-rdk-broadband454f221SKYH4-197:TelcoVOIPAgent to connect to CcspCRFeature
2204847RDKB-23861: [EWAN] Local time in Cox Network pageBug Fix
8e160d4XF3-5193 : Wan_init_complete is not present in Consolelog.txt
04a7b50XF3-5129 : "echo_t command not found" in "/etc/udhcpc.script"
meta-rdk-bsp-emulator8230513Enable coverity in lxcEnhancement
meta-rdk-ext9735364RDKB-22582: Add cimplog function to log to generic fileFeature
1e7db6bXRE-14218: turn off memory pressure/relief logging by defaultBug Fix
bf813fcBLDK-623: WPE 0.4 patches contain code matches to BSD 3
ff3960aSKYH4-175: Correct Alljoyn repo location
955f953RDKB-21977: nanomsg crashes
18b2701XONE-20048: backport memory pressure improvements
rdk/components/generic/crashupload7b2c5fbDELIA-32401 : Crash reports have stale receiver.logBug Fix
rdk/components/generic/rdk_logger4fb0ebcSKYH4-200:WanAgent to connect to CcspCRFeature
rdk/components/generic/rdm4a489f6RDK-25072 : Enforce HTTPs download for Downloadable modulesFeature
rdk/components/generic/rfc0f66d24DELIA-30529 : Correcting errors in query for Codebig RFC parametert queryBug Fix
rdkb/components/generic/CcspLogAgentb113df5SKYH4-929: LogAgent To control dynamic rdklogger configurationFeature
rdkb/components/generic/notify_comp800ff0cRDKB-346 - Integrate Notification part with TR069PAEnhancement
e8833b3TCXB6-6888 notify_comp crash with signature Find_Param SIGSEGVBug Fix
rdkb/components/opensource/ccsp/CcspCommonLibrary1c6464abSKYH4-200:WanAgent to get Log messagesFeature
bfe3d1abRDKB-24145 : [Core][100%_repro][1907_sprint] Core dump after 1hr uptimeBug Fix
389797c5TCCBR-3982 : Xfinity wifi ssid not created/broadcasted
851ccf45RDKB-23729 : bbhm_patch.sh: No such file or directory" in atom_journal Logs
rdkb/components/opensource/ccsp/CcspEthAgentf42efeeREFPLTB-373 : Added CcspLogAgent support in CcspEthAgent ModuleEnhancement
rdkb/components/opensource/ccsp/CcspLMLite9de8c90SKYH4-126: Removed MoCA sync from LM LiteEnhancement
adb0a52SKYH4-1228 : Unable to delete saved "Reserved IP" Comments from the GUI.Bug Fix
0cce0cfTCCBR-3671 : [Field][INC]MSO page does not show connected clients info
rdkb/components/opensource/ccsp/CcspMoCA62e2cceARRISXB6-9951 : MOCA Process crashedBug Fix
79e759fARRISXB6-9140 Observing Ccspmoca process crash with libc-2.19.so Signature
7a4c387TCXB6-6444 CcspMoCA app crash due to sizewin_rollover signature
rdkb/components/opensource/ccsp/CcspPandM812c8cfXAIS-2678: Enable Rabid on XF3 .Feature
9f57324RDKB-23316,RDKB-23317,RDKB-23318 : NTP FQDN needs to be Bootstrap Configurable.
a896f66RDKB-22511 : DHCP Ipv4 Restore Default Settings option not working.Bug Fix
ddcf263RDKB-24086 RDKB-24092:Deep French - Captive portal UI issues
0fa8d7aRDKB-23716 : SecondaryDhcpServerOptions is missing in partner json
ccc4845RDKB-23722 : Unable to modify NTPserver4 and NTPServer5 values of Device.Time
013fa04TCXB6-6593 : Reboot reason is blank and PAM crashed
4a87a9bREFPLTB-382 : [TDK][AUTO][RPI] Device.DeviceInfo.X_CISCO_COM_BaseMacAddress
a773240TCXB6-6714 : Observed "CcspPandMSsp" crash in AccessPolicy_GetEntry
3636823RDKB-21220 : SECVULN - Buffer overflows in CcspPandMSsp
14cb10fSKYH4-381:Product class
f48b39fRDKB-349  Routing : Device.Routing.Router.1.Enable with value false doesn't take effect
rdkb/components/opensource/ccsp/CcspTr069Pacdc658cTCXB6-6986 CcspTr069PaSsp crashed signature _dl_allocate_tls_initBug Fix
130b7a5RDKB-21220 : SECVULN - Buffer overflows in CcspTr069PaSsp
rdkb/components/opensource/ccsp/CcspWifiAgent6991436RDKB-18000 : Set default Beacon Rate to 6Mbps for all SSIDs in 2.4Ghz bandFeature
0bbab03RDKB-21898: WiFi 802.11v BTM Steering - HAL API (CBR/BWG)
51b9193CISCOXB3-5368, RDKB-22934: Observing CcspWifiSsp App Crash due toBug Fix
cdf39f1XF3-4939 : Observed 'unary operator expected' in meshapcfg.sh script
32a1a21RDKB-327 WPS ConfigMethodsEnabled is returning EMPTY when wrong values set.
78f0efeSKYH4-466: Clean up some uninitialized vars in CcspWifi
rdkb/components/opensource/ccsp/GwProvAppbf43334TCCBR-3982 : Xfinity wifi ssid not created/broadcastedBug Fix
rdkb/components/opensource/ccsp/GwProvApp-EthWan2439077SKYH4-115 : Enabling logging for gwprov-ethwanEnhancement
1f6c192TCXB6-7160 : White LED blinks after FR when partner is set to COXBug Fix
rdkb/components/opensource/ccsp/MeshAgentb58f428TCXB6-6396: Observing meshAgent app crash due to meshSetSyscfg signatureBug Fix
0470c84TCXB6-7099 : Eth device reported as Other
rdkb/components/opensource/ccsp/TestAndDiagnostic5ec9ed1RDKB-23357 : Telemetry marker for top 3 processes consuming CPUFeature
aae2115RDKB-19400: Securing syscfg.db in /opt/secure/ folder.
98874b6XAIS-2678: Enable Rabid on XF3.Enhancement
a35d2e8TCXB6-6097: Configurable PCIE Power ManagementBug Fix
5aa28bcRDKB-20766,RDKB-21946,XF3-5176 : Observed "No IPv6 Gateway Address detected"
5d9eb11RDKB-23660: [SELF Healing] [TAD] Script Update For XB7 Device Class
5dc4629RDKB-22672 : parodus killed by task_health_monitor
267cf79ARRISXB6-9508 : brlan0 dad failure recovery
fc0d8ecRDKB-22087 : Need telemetry logging to track abnormal client data usage
4558319TCXB6-5939 : brlan0 dad failure recovery
8517098SKYH4-555 : Unable to set the IPV4 ping server URI
9259bd0RDKB-21715, RDKB-23701 : DHCP crash observed (copy to stable2)
rdkb/components/opensource/ccsp/Utopiae747521RDKB-23316,RDKB-23317,RDKB-23318 : NTP FQDN needs to be Bootstrap Configurable.Feature
a6e9fbfSKYH4-114 : Modifications for sky hub4
9ffa7f4RDKB-21883: 1001-arris-log_env.patchEnhancement
6d5b30aRDKB-296 RDK-B firewall modifies DSCP marking on forwarded packetsBug Fix
8129e1cARRISXB6-9609 : MULTILAN_FEATURE fix (migrate to 1908_sprint)
f680109TCXB6-6655, TCXB6-7103 Erouter not request IPV6 address until IPV4
cd66405ARRISXB6-9888 : Observed String "Interface eth_1/eth_0 did not come up" error
36f5a2aRDKB-22332 : Observed "handle_sw.sh: unary operator expected" in Console Logs
e8b1b8dSKYH4-1322 : Fix firewall rules for Hub4
77c501aRDKB-18567: snmpcmd error in log file
2159500RDKCOM-972: Performance impact on accelerated traffic during firewall resta...
b148a96ARRISXB6-8599: 0010-router_advertisement_on_wan_connection_loss.patch
b1bbd44RDKB-349  Routing : Device.Routing.Router.1.Enable with value false doesn't take effect
86f34c3RDKB-23288 : sysconfig database is getting corrupted in field
344845dBWGRDK-499: Higher frequency of dibbler restart in 3939B and 3941B BWG
rdkb/components/opensource/ccsp/Xconf63544a7RDKB-23668 xb6 download script violate SyndicationFlowControl featureBug fix
fc2a481XF3-4868: Xf3 firmware upgrade fails to match SHA1 checksum
9e6f491RDKB-23388 : Device reporting empty model name causing XCONF failure
1d615baBWGRDK-483: BWG Build issue in 1907_sprint and 1908_sprint branch
rdkb/components/opensource/ccsp/hal52882c9REFPLTB-338 : [TDK][WIFI][HAL][EMU] wifi_getApEnable is returning
Bug Fix
74abb21REFPLTB-382 : [TDK][AUTO][RPI] Device.DeviceInfo.X_CISCO_COM_BaseMacAddress
rdkb/components/opensource/ccsp/hotspot0c0201dTCXB6-6978 : GRE tunnel creation for Hotspot causing client kicked outBug Fix
rdkb/components/opensource/ccsp/sysinte784ba1RDKALL-1803: Use CEDM changes in sysint scriptFeature
ef6a237RDKB-21887: logfiles.patchEnhancement
4f343dcRDKB-22984: Time sync before previos log telmetry runBug Fix
cb902a4RDKB-19894: GetconfigFile: Ensure separate keyfile used between platform scripts
8902730SKYH4-326: Fix sysint utils to stop querrying wan0 on Hub4
rdkb/components/opensource/ccsp/sysint/devicerpi5d8cc36REFPLTB-349:Firmware upgrade/downgrade support in RPiFeature
8a5742eREFPLTB-349:Firmware upgrade/downgrade support in RPi
rdkb/components/opensource/ccsp/webuiea5c066RDKB-21880: add_container_support.patchEnhancement
77f64aaRDKB-21882: lxc_interface_check.patch
62dd382RDKB-23697: xFi Paused Block Page - Language updates.
03dcf44RDKB-23315, RDKB-24126:webui Contains Icons and Fonts Which Need to be Removed.Bug Fix
e6d00d5RDKB-24086 RDKB-24092:Deep French - Captive portal UI issues
1607317RDKB-23536:Special Characters are accepted on Hostname on DDNS webpage.
440be9fRDKB-23416:Valildate the Wizard page when Bridge mode is enabled.
2ac9919RDKB-22819:EWAN Network setting is present in admin UI for XB6-A.
4a945ccRDKB-22932: Network password field is enabled in Open security mode at mso.
ebbaa88RDKB-22969:Default Wi-Fi SSID name change not working in mso wizard page.
32240f0RDKB-22400:WiFi Password field accepts white spaces.
e6ca942RDKB-21712:MTA Line Diagnostics greyed out after performing Diagnostics test.
rdkb/devices/raspberrypi/hale02ee3bREFPLTB-382 : [TDK][AUTO][RPI] Device.DeviceInfo.X_CISCO_COM_BaseMacAddressBug Fix
3147f3aREFPLTB-383 : RDKB smoke tests are failing
rdkb/docs451465aAdd changelog for rdkb-20190826 iterationNA
tools/tdkfbc96782RDKTT-1697: TM M67 MySQL dumpEnhancement
830a0543RDKTT-1651: DS_EnableHDCP_UsingMfrKey_133 - script update
05e07892RDKTT-1677: Compliance Issues in TDK Components
d26238fdRDKBDEV-49 : TDK-B enhancement for misaligned WiFi indicesBug Fix
490e0610RDKTT-1671: Removed duplicate entry in Constans
f6a1f3eaRDKTT-1685 : Fix for delay in displaying zip icon
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