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Test Setup Block Diagram 

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Firmware Upgrade validation Procedure



For HTTP Server


1) Enter the "Location (FQDN)" field is local/Public http server (fully qualified domain name ) (ex : www.myfirmware.com)
2) Enter the "Location (full URL)" field is full location path of local/Public http server (ex : http://www.myfirmware.com)
3) Unclick the check box of Never use HTTP
4) Removed the model name from Rogue Models and removed the firmware version (If it's not updated earlier, please ignore this step).
5) click the save button.
6) In DUT, please edit the following file with below format,If it's local http server
i) Open the /etc/hosts
ii) Add your local http server ip with DNS ( Ex : <Machine IP where http server is running> www.myfirmware.com)
iii) Save the file.

Note : Every reboot, You need to add the above three steps if it's local http server.

7) If it's local http server, please add the below line in /etc/hosts

 <wan IP of board> http://myfirmware.com

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Verify that XConf Server configuration displays the Json response from the mentioned URL: