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  1. RMF App prompt is not getting displayed after playing video using launch/play command

Yocto-3.1 RDK Generic Hybrid Thunder Image on RPI:

  1. meta-wpe master branch is lagging with some Thunder plugins and latest changes when compared to meta-wpe morty branch. The changes and missed recipes are to be introduced as a pull request in meta-wpe master. Till then the changes to be applied manually on the build to avoid errors
  2. RDK Splash UI is not launched on Thunder plugin even though the webserver launched on port 7070

Yocto-3.1 RDK Generic Camera Image in R-PI:

  1.  Ethernet connection ( USB Ethernet Adapter):
    •  Able to get 'Ethernet IP' but unable to ping any address like www.google.com due to this issue not able to validate RMS feature.
  2.  WiFi connection:
    •  After bootup unable to get the 'WiFi IP' address by default.
    • Once we restart the " wpa_supplicant.service" forcefully then we can able to get the 'WiFi IP'.
  3.  RDKC Media Streamer( RMS )
    • After bootup, RMS services are not running.
    • Everytime manually we need to run this  " rms-launcher.service" command to launch rms.