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  • Abstracts logging client from underlying logging utility.
  • Dynamically enables/disables logging level at run time.
  • Provides logging format that complies with the existing OCAP format (e.g. <timestamp> [mod=*, level=*]).
  • Controls log level independently for each component/module.
  • Enables logging globally via single configuration value.
  • Controls initial log level for each component/module from configuration file (debug.ini) at startup.
  • Prints formatted data to stdout.
  • Separates logs into separate files based on "SEPARATE.LOGFILE.SUPPORT" configuration variable


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Log4c – Introduction & Terminology:


the script is responsible for uploading the logs to the server. Logs are uploaded as tar files with sufficient information like Mac ID, date , timestamp. Log can be uploaded to server using scp or tftp protocol as per server requirement.

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API Documentation 

 To know more about SoC/Application level APIs details use in RDK, refer the link  RDK LOGGER API Documentation