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Per CCSP Architecture specification and CCSP Common Component Design Rules document, we will only define message bus APIs for the following normalized actions.


    • GetParameterNames
    • GetParameterValues


GetParameterNames(“Device.”). PA needs to find out all owning FCs on local and remote sub-systems, and make GetParameterNames normalized action calls. Once it gets results, PA needs to filter out un-supported and invisible namespaces (no matter partial or full names) and send back to ACS.

4 Identified Limitations

  1. When several changes are made to a parameter that is configured for active notification, only a single VALUE CHANGE event is delivered, with the latest value. This only applies when the notifications are somehow prevented from being delivered immediately (e.g. WAN down or ACS down or unreachable). This is a design choice.
  2. There is no support for lightweight notifications. Only active and passive notifications, SetParameterAttributes values 1 and 2, are supported.
  3. There is no support for notifications on partial paths. This may require more fundamental changes to the notification system of the RDK bus.
    Because of this and lack of event notification support in some data model parameters, Set/GetParameterAttributes test cases in od_128.tcl of the TR-069 CDRouter add-on fail.
  4. There is no support for HTTPS. This requires provisioning of a CA certificate list for server authentication, and a (secure handled) device private key and certificate pair for client authentication.
  5. TR-069 strongly recommends random generation of the path of the ConnectionRequestURL. Currently, if Device.ManagementServer.X_CISCO_COM_ConnectionRequestURLPath is not set, a non-random value is generated.
  6. If AccessListChange is true in a SetParameterAttributes method call, and no AccessList is provided, the Parameter provided as a Name is set to read only. The scope of this problem may be wider. In general, take care to set AccessListChange to false.