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Data-model Management Layer (DML) loads all data model access APIs through a pre-defined XML file TR181-Wi-Fi-USGV2.XML. An XML description of data model objects and parameters is given for Data Model Management Layer to load. Subsequently, Data Model Management Layer loads the shared library ( which contains data model implementation, specified in the XML file.
The data model implementation in shared library interacts with HAL Integration Layer by calling component specific HAL APIs. These calls covert the user space calls to system level calls and takes the necessary action at driver level.

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Code Flow

Initialization sequence of Wi-Fi


Integration layer will act as a gluing layer between the driver/dbus/PSM databases and the upper layers.

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Figure 2: Wi-Fi Agent Boot-up Flow

During startup, Wi-Fi Agent initializes the parameter tree and retrieves the existing persistent configuration and related static or dynamic info from HAL integration layer API.

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Figure 3: Wi-Fi Initialization 


Once the query comes from UI/SNMP/TR69, the PA accesses corresponding D-BUS API. Later the object is identified from the registry and the corresponding API call specific to the parameter being queried is accessed. API to be accessed is determined by the data-model XML which is used for the library. Then the parameter retrieval process end up in retrieving the value for the parameter either from a centralized database maintained by Persistent Storage Manager (PSM) or from a Wi-Fi HAL.

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Figure 4: Code flow of Wi-Fi subsystem


Interactions of Wi-Fi libraries are as below:

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Figure 5: Library Interactions Involved