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  • “/etc/webgui.sh” will modify “/etc/lighttpd.conf” on runtime and create “/tmp/lighttpd.conf”
  • Command to run lighttpd is “lighttpd –f /tmp/lighttpd.conf”
  • cosa.so” is linked as an extension to “php” in “/etc/php.ini”
  • document-root = “/usr/www/”
  • Inside “/usr/www/” we have,
    1. actionHandler folderhandles PHP SET actions
    2. cmn folder has css, fonts, img and js [Styling & JS Lib]
    3. includes folder has header.php, footer.php. nav.php, userbar.php and utility.php

WebUI on RDK-B Yocto Repo


Table of Contents

  • On RDK-B, Web UI source code resides in the path –