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If Widevine and PlayReady access is available, please pass additional arguments as

repo init -u -b rdk-next -m aml_ipstb_google_rdk_starboard.xml 
repo sync -j4 --no-clone-bundle
source meta-rdk-aml/ mesonsc2-5.4-lib32-ah212 --ipclient --playready --widevine --rdk-starboard --gst1-18 --rdk-ui
bitbake lib32-rdk-generic-mediaclient-image

Unused components from MediaClient

IP STB build is based from mediaclient image with out the licensed components and other components which are not required for IP streaming. Some of the components which are disabled.

  • storagemanager
  • subtec
  • dtvapp
  • closedcaption
  • closedcaption-hal-amlogic
  • mediaframework
  • mediastreamer
  • rdkmediaplayer
  • audiocapturemgr
  • media-utils
  • dvrmgr
  • servicemanager
  • sectionfilter-hal-amlogic
  • rmfgeneric

Validation of image

  • Controller UI : For connecting Controller UI, use URL: http://<machineip>:9998

                     Image Removed

                   Image Removed

  • WiFi Service

                   Image Removed

  • Bluetooth Service

                    Image Removed

                    Image RemovedYoutube RDK CommonPort Archtecture:

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