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 How to Invoke a JS API from C/C++

  • Pass the JS API function pointer to Native code and store it as a JSObjectRef
Code Block
JSObject.addEventListener(eventType, eventListener) //with eventListener having a definition like "function eventListener(event: any) {....}"
static JSValueRef addEventListener(JSContextRef context, JSObjectRef function, JSObjectRef thisObject, size_t argumentCount, const JSValueRef arguments[], JSValueRef *exception)
        JSObjectRef callbackObj = JSValueToObject(context, arguments[1], NULL);
        if (callbackObj != NULL && JSObjectIsFunction(context, callbackObj))
              //Store the callbackObj in a variable
              eventListener = callbackObj;
              JSValueProtect(context, callbackObj);
              return JSValueMakeUndefined(context);
        return JSValueMakeNull(context);
  • To invoke the JS API from C/C++, call JSObjectCallAsFunction with the callbackObj and arguments

    Code Block
    JSObjectCallAsFunction(context, callbackObj, NULL, 1, args, NULL);  //args is the list of arguments if required