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Since the Client is non-addressable from the public network, tr-069 and STUN creates and maintains a lightweight connection between the tr-069 server and agent to allow for tr-069-server initiated commands to be sent to the Client in real-time.


The CPE is responsible for establishing the session to the server. The CPE keeps sending HTTP POST requests during the session. The session is closed as soon as both CPE & ACS  have indicated that they have nothing more to send (response or new RPC)

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Implementation Details

The RDK tr69 client is developed by Dimark which has the following key features

  • The Dimark TR-069 client is typically provided as ANSI C source code that runs on embedded Linux, with the API designed to ease the integration of the client into existing environments
  • The client incorporates an abstraction layer that will speed implementation as well as make the addition of many new features, upgrades and updates virtual drop-ins.
  • The client incorporates all updates that have resulted from more than eight years of field use, feature requests and customer deployments.

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