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  1. Take the latest RDK-V hybrid image and copy it to SD card using sudo dd command as below.
    1. command: sudo dd if=<image> of=<device path> bs=4M
    2. example: sudo dd if=rdk-generic-hybrid-westeros-wpe-image-raspberrypi-rdk-hybrid-westeros.rpi-sdimg of=/dev/sdb bs=4M
  2. Download the latest NOOBS image from the link (http://downloads.raspberrypi.org/NOOBS_latest).
  3. Mount the copied SD card and note down the full sizes of the two partitions on the SD card
    1.   /media<pc login name>/raspberrypi - kernel partition
    2.  /media/<pc login name>/ mount point> - rootfs partition
      Image Added
      Image Added

      (Linux users: type df-h in the terminal). We need to create hyb_boot.tar from kernel partition and hyb_root.rar from rootfs partition.
  4. From the command line on your primary computer, navigate to where the rootfs partition is mounted i,e

    /media/<pc login name>/mount point> and issue below command.

    1. command: sudo tar -cvpf ~/Desktop/hyb_root.tar ./*
    2. This will create the hyb_root.tar file on your desktop.
  5. Note down the size of hyb_root.tar.
  6. Navigate to your desktop with cd ~/Desktop/ and compress the root tarball by using below command. 
    1. command: xz -9 -e -v hyb_root.tar .
    2. This will generate “hyb_root.tar.xz” file on your Desktop.
  7. Now we need to do the same thing to the kernel partition.
  8. From the command line, navigate to the kernel partition folder  where it is mounted i,e  /media<pc login name>/raspberrypi  and create a tar ball by using same command.
    1. Command:  sudo tar -cvpf ~/Desktop/hyb_boot.tar ./*
    2. this will create the hyb_boot.tar file on your desktop.
  9. Note down the size of hyb_boot.tar
  10. Navigate to your desktop with cd ~/Desktop/ and compress the boot tarball with below command.
    1. command: xz -9 -e -v hyb_boot.tar .
    2. This will create “hyb_boot.tar.xz” file on your Desktop.
  11. Once NOOBS image downloaded from (http://downloads.raspberrypi.org/NOOBS_latest) . Unzip NOOBS folder and it will look like below.
  12. Open os folder and duplicate the 'Raspbian' folder and rename it 'rdkv_hybrid'.
  13. Open up 'partitions.json' and make the following changes:
    1. Change the label to “hyb_boot” and “hyb_root” in boot and root partitions respectively.
    2. Change the value for partition_size_nominal for both boot and root partitions partition with the values size value for  /media<pc login name>/raspberrypi  from step 3 in megabytes. But we may have to give (40MB in this example). But for root partition partition_size_nominal would be triple the partition size obtained from step 5 and step 9 to make our rdk images to be loaded properly . Since this is used by NOOBS to determine how much space will be on the SD card after install, it's better to round up than down(Generally it would be 1024MB standard size for our rdk images).

    3. Change the value for uncompressed_tarball_size to be the values from step 5 and 9.
  14. Open 'os.json' and make the following changes:
    1. Change name to rdkv_hybrid
    2. Change whatever else you want.
  15. Rename 'Raspbian.png' to 'rdkv_hybrid.png' and replace it with an appropriate icon.
  16. Replace any or all of the files in the 'slides_vga' folder with appropriate images. These will be shown during the install process.
  17. Replace the  'root.tar.xz' and 'boot.tar.xz' with  'hyb_root.tar.xz' and  'hyb_boot.tar.xz' files created in steps 6 and 10.
  18. Again format SD card in FAT32 format and copy the NOOBS folder contents to it. After flashing rdkv_hybrid should be available as an option in the OS list next to Raspbian.
  19. Similarly convert the other RDKV_client and RDKb images into NOOBS images if needed.