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rdkbrowser2 is the browser application based on WPE, it is integrated with following components which enables it with new features compared with legacy rdkbrowser:

  • injectedBundle : Provides integration Layer for Service manager and Player inside WPE, adds ability to send messages between JavaScript & other application.
  • pxcore-libnode : pxcore - Provides a lightweight Frame-buffer library, pxscene - 2D scene graph API library.
  • wpe-webkit : WebKit porting which is used with Wayland.
  • rdk-logger : Provides console and file level message logging feature to RDK component.
  • westeros : Wayland compositor library that allows applications to create their own Wayland displays, which allows nesting and embedding of third party application

    How to Launch rdkbrowser2 ?

  rdkbrowser2 can be launched in two different ways:

    • Server Mode: --server  - Launch the browser in a server(“tab”) mode

      It could be directly launched as:

        /usr/bin/rdkbrowser2 --server

       Also can launch launch_rdkbrowser2_server.sh script file to run RDKBROWSER2 as a server.

    • Standalone mode: --url <url> - Launch opening a specific URL

     web pages could be launched using rdkbrowser2 by passing the URL. 

      /usr/bin/rdkbrowser2 --url http://www.google.com

Architecture Diagram


Gliffy Diagram

Webkit : Thin layer to link against from the applications .

WebCore : Provides rendering, layout, network access, multimedia, accessibility support etc.

JavaScript Core : Javascript engine.

Platform : Provides platform-specific hooks to implement generic algorithms.


App for discovering RDKBrowser2 RtRemote Server Object and invoking its RtRemote based API.

Only works in conjunction with /usr/bin/rdkbrowser2.sh


start rdkbrowser2: /usr/bin/rdkbrowser2.sh 'about:blank'

start /usr/bin/rdkbrowser2-control in a separate shell