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  • Build the image ( RDKB ). For RDKV please follow specific instructions
  • Ensure 8GB sd-card is available for flashing
  • Flash the build image to sd-card
  • If Firmware upgrade is targeted for multi boot and RDKB image is flashed for the first time follow resize procedure
  • Setup xconf server ready with rules and download location for RPI device
  • Place the new image in xconf server
  • Boot the flashed image

Note : 1. RPI will go for reboot while booting for the first time, since two more partition needs to be created which requires reboot. Depends on the image present in xconf and RPI, further reboot will happen for upgrade. Please refer to design (RDKB RPI Firmware Upgrade - Design - 2019 M7) for how firmware upgrade works with bank switching

2. SD card should be zero filled formatted before starting the firmware upgrade procedure. DriveWipe software is used for this. Please refer the you-tube video link for the SD card full format process.