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ComponentCommit-IdBranchMergeUser-StoryGerrit Message
meta-cmf-raspberrypied75b2crdk-next9/12/2019REFPLTB-353:Telemetry support in RPI

031e740rdk-next9/24/2019REFPLTB-353:Telemetry support in RPI


ComponentCommit-IdBranchMergeUser-StoryGerrit Message
fog722bba5rdk-next9/29/2019RDK-24188 : new onVideoEnd event to report statistics
aampcbfa35fstable210/1/2019RDK-24188 DELIA-37475 DELIA-37096 DELIA-37442 : new onVideoEnd event to report statistics


ComponentCommit-IdBranchMergeUser-StoryGerrit Message
fog29ed46crdk-next9/27/2019RDK-23454 RDK-23716 RDK-24386 : Client Side DAI feature
aamp34f79f1stable29/26/2019RDK-23454 RDK-23707 DELIA-37726 DELIA-37985 DELIA-37255 DELIA-37211 : Client Side DAI Feature


ComponentCommit-IdBranchMergeUser-StoryGerrit Message
meta-cmf-raspberrypid415e50rdk-next11/27/2019REFPLTB-REFPLTB-449: Backup and Restore User Settings implementation in RPi 
bbdf043rdk-next11/26/2019REFPLTB-449 : Backup and Restore User Settings implementation in RPi


ComponentCommit-IdBranchMergeUser-StoryGerrit Message
meta-rdkb52c96bfrdk-next10/24/2019RDKALL-RDKALL-2004: Convert RDK download manager to use json instead of xml
rdmc61e509rdk-next10/24/2019RDKALL-2004: Convert RDK download manager to use json instead of xml


ComponentCommit-IdBranchMergeUser-StoryGerrit Message


Revert "RDK-25183: Changes in CGroup configuration"

af1eff4rdk-next11/25/2019RDK-25183: Changes in CGroup configuration



RDK-25183: Hwselftest changes for Xi porting


ComponentCommit-IdBranchMergeUser-StoryGerrit Message

f9dced1frdk-next11/12/2019RDK-24720 : Integrate latest Westeros

95e850d1rdk-next10/4/2019RDK-24717 : Integrate latest Westeros

7c061d67rdk-next9/11/2019RDK-24242 : Integrate latest Westeros
meta-rdk6e02dafrdk-next13/11/2019CG8-2949: [Field][Cox] CG8 firmware download fails after using C1 to C2


RDKCOM-1120: Remove PREFERRED_VERSION for wpe-webkit in rdkvemu config


DELIA-38081: patchset build for codecentral repos


RDKCOM-1124 Upstream latest version of lxc-container-generator


ComponentCommit-IdBranchMergeUser-StoryGerrit Message
meta-rdk-videoa0a94102rdk-next10/11/2019RDK-22456: appCommander
appmanager49e7714rdk-next10/11/2019RDK-22456: appCommander


ComponentCommit-IdBranchMergeUser-StoryGerrit Message
meta-rdk-video0dceb952rdk-next10/22/2019RDK-RDK-25439 : Development of storage manager minidump
storagemanager9fbde62rdk-next10/22/2019RDK-25439 : Development of storage manager minidump
xupnpd7e3eberdk-next10/22/2019RDK-25423 : Enabling minidump for xupnp on rdkv


ComponentCommit-IdBranchMergeUser-StoryGerrit Message
aamp5374ef9stable210/23/2019RDK-RDK-24885 : "Sub Second Tune Time" "pretune" optimization
gst-plugins-rdk-aamp3e089b1stable210/23/2019DELIA-36049 : "Sub Second Tune Time" "pretune" optimization


ComponentCommit-IdBranchMergeUser-StoryGerrit Message
crashuploadd2e7165rdk-next11/27/2019RDK-RDK-25250: Add --cert-status option to existing CURL commands RDKV.
rdmb8c3131rdk-next11/27/2019RDK-25250: Add --cert-status option to existing CURL commands RDKV.
rfc2b71176rdk-next11/27/2019RDK-25250: Add --cert-status option to existing CURL commands RDKV.
meta-rdk-extc315697rdk-next11/27/2019RDK-25249, RDK-25248: Added depdency on curl.
sysint52be09crdk-next11/27/2019RDK-25255: Create /tmp/* files based on OCSP RFC's.


ComponentCommit-IdBranchMergeUser-StoryGerrit Message
devicesettings90e3850rdk-next9/20/2019RDKCMF-8548 Upstream Extended HDMI info

RDKCOM-1078 Upstream Extended HDMI info


ComponentCommit-IdBranchMergeUser-StoryGerrit Message
diagnostics62d9beerdk-next9/9/2019XRE-11154 : Adding pxscene Diagnostics Changes
3cd8e46rdk-next9/9/2019RDK-23225 : Adding pxscene Diagnostics Changes


ComponentCommit-IdBranchMergeUser-StoryGerrit Message
servicemanagerfcef3f1rdk-next11/18/2019RDK-RDK-25891 : Send SETUP event to XRE when SETUP key is pressed.
849ed20rdk-next11/21/2019RDK-25891 : ControlService API 6 FMR quirk


ComponentCommit-IdBranchMergeUser-StoryGerrit Message
sysint64da704rdk-next10/9/2019RDK-RDK-25135 : CPE side code development for stunnel based reverse ssh
tr69hostif518cafdrdk-next10/9/2019RDK-25135 : CPE side code development for stunnel based reverse ssh


ComponentCommit-IdBranchMergeUser-StoryGerrit Message
sysintaa90781rdk-next10/11/2019RDK-RDK-23122: Refactoring of xcal code.
xupnp1053a8crdk-next10/11/2019RDK-23122,DELIA-37729,DELIA-37769: Refactoring of xcal code.
meta-rdk-video26bb3b02rdk-next10/11/2019OWL-97:To guard rfc related changes in xupnp module 


ComponentCommit-IdBranchMergeUser-StoryGerrit Message
meta-rdk1064b937rdk-next9/25/2019RDKALL-RDKALL-1669 : Upgrade icu to version 64.1
meta-rdk-extb2fe057rdk-next9/25/2019RDKALL-1669 : Upgrade iptables to version 1.6.0


ComponentCommit-IdBranchMergeUser-StoryGerrit Message
meta-rdk-ext3d213aardk-next11/8/2019RDKB-RDKB-24469 : Handle multiple Force sync requests
meta-rdk-video2a977b09rdk-next11/8/2019RDKB-24643: To re-create wdmp-c.patch for RDKV


ComponentCommit-IdBranchMergeUser-StoryGerrit Message
meta-rdkd2fa10edrdk-next11/1/2019RDK-RDK-25630 : USB Automount moved to RFC
meta-rdk-ext0cb3840rdk-next11/1/2019RDK-25630 : Enable RFC support for USB-Automount


ComponentCommit-IdBranchMergeUser-StoryGerrit Message
meta-rdk-videoc75a634drdk-next11/27/2019RDK-25351RDK-25407 DELIA-39091 : lsa updates for Spark
sysintfc6df5ardk-next11/21/2019RDK-25407 : LSA Ad Cache to improve CDN access

RDK-25407 : LSA Ad Cache to improve CDN access


ComponentCommit-IdBranchMergeUser-StoryGerrit Message
meta-rdk-videoee5b1c2drdk-next10/10/2019RDK-RDK-24680: Upgrade tinyxml to tinyxml2 to reduce data-model memory
tr69hostif2a61388rdk-next10/11/2019RDK-24751:HostIf memory Optimization

RDK-25708:Resolve tinyxml2 bugs


ComponentCommit-IdBranchMergeUser-StoryGerrit Message
devicesettingsdab7f9erdk-next10/17/2019RDK-RDK-25888: DS API Support (setMode())
servicemanager3b4a9d8rdk-next10/17/2019RDK-25355 : Provide for an "ALL LED" test for STBs in hub warehouse


ComponentCommit-IdBranchMergeUser-StoryGerrit Message
hwselftestd73f041rdk-next10/11/2019RDK-RDK-25576: Hwselftest changes for Xi porting
sysint7d726c5rdk-next10/11/2019RDK-25576: Hwselftest logs on Xi devices


ComponentCommit-IdBranchMergeUser-StoryGerrit Message
sysint251157rdk-next10/15/2019RDK-RDK-25660: Reverse SSH should work after activation
tr69hostifb67502erdk-next10/15/2019RDK-25660: WebPA query should work even before activation


ComponentCommit-IdBranchMergeUser-StoryGerrit Message
meta-rdk2b2c0e7erdk-next11/19/2019RDK-25607, RDK-24540: Made named.conf.options as readwrite.
meta-rdk-video236ef328rdk-next11/19/2019RDK-25607, RDK-24540: Updated device.properties with bind support.
tr69hostif3bade93rdk-next11/19/2019RDK-25607: Added support for dns64 proxy.
sysinteef8f89rdk-next11/19/2019RDK-25607, DELIA-38681, SAM7429-2195: Added support for named and dnsquerylogs.


ComponentCommit-IdBranchMergeUser-StoryGerrit Message
meta-rdk89a9ef23rdk-next10/11/2019RDK-13467RDK-13478: CPU proc analyzer to stable2 branch
meta-rdk-video6cf8ec66rdk-next10/11/2019DELIA-37627: Rdk logger for proc analyzer not working for arrisxg1v4 & pacexg1v1
sysint39d466brdk-next10/11/2019DELIA-38265 :cpuprocanalyzer.log files are not getting backed up after reboot


ComponentCommit-IdBranchMergeUser-StoryGerrit Message
bluetoothc3f32e1rdk-next10/16/2019RDK-24480, RDK-23313, RDK-23489 : 3API Browsing Ch
bluetooth_mgr3ef9cadrdk-next10/16/2019RDK-24480 : Correctly Populate Persistent entry
tr69hostif3d416b0rdk-next11/5/2019RDK-24480 : Bluetooth Beacon Detection Log Opt Out


ComponentCommit-IdBranchMergeUser-StoryGerrit Message
rdk_logger160e386rdk-next10/11/2019RDKB-21541RDKB-24315: Integrate Telemetry 2.0 with RDK logger and use RDK_LOG
meta-rdkaee385derdk-next10/11/2019RDKB-RDKB-24137 : Recipies for telemetry 2.0
dca5e79db5rdk-next10/11/2019RDKB-24137 : Extending dca for code reuse in telemetry 2.0


ComponentCommit-IdBranchMergeUser-StoryGerrit Message

XRE-13940: Initial draft of new GUI


 Install new GUI components


ComponentCommit-IdBranchMergeUser-StoryGerrit Message

RDKALL-422RDKALL-2003 : ForwardSSH Enable/Disable
sysint73a9a17rdk-next11/13/2019DELIA-39039 : ForwardSSH Enable/Disable


ComponentCommit-IdBranchMergeUser-StoryGerrit Message
meta-rdkff9587ffrdk-next10/11/2019RDK-25329RDK-25600 : Upgrade to SNMP 5.7.3 on Pace XG1v1 to resolve "snmpThread::run"


ComponentCommit-IdBranchMergeUser-StoryGerrit Message
subtec-appcc9b240master9/25/2019RDKCMF-8585: [LG] Update Subtitle and Teletext application


ComponentCommit-IdBranchMergeUser-StoryGerrit Message
aamp0af7ba0stable211/4/2019RDK-25118  : [AAMP] add PTS to Media Progress Events


ComponentCommit-IdBranchMergeUser-StoryGerrit Message
gst-plugins-rdk-aamp51789a6stable210/28/2019RDK-25138RDK-25175: AAMP ClearKey Support - DRM plugin changes
aamp9f3c954stable210/28/2019RDK-25138: [AAMP][DASH] MPEG-CENC ClearKey Support


ComponentCommit-IdBranchMergeUser-StoryGerrit Message
aamp75ba7bastable29/12/2019RDK-23308: support for vtt caption tracks


ComponentCommit-IdBranchMergeUser-StoryGerrit Message
dca1f8f683rdk-next11/18/2019RDKB-24615RDKB-25177: Used existing alternate method for top


ComponentCommit-IdBranchMergeUser-StoryGerrit Message
rdm8bbe9d4rdk-next11/19/2019RDKB-23503RDKB-23505 : Enforce HTTPs download for Downloadable modules (XB3)


ComponentCommit-IdBranchMergeUser-StoryGerrit Message
servicemanager49fdb1ardk-next9/8/2019RDK-25169 : VREXManagerService_4 2nd Quirk


ComponentCommit-IdBranchMergeUser-StoryGerrit Message
servicemanager5fda3c5rdk-next10/14/2019RDK-24842RDK-24874 : ControlService API 6


ComponentCommit-IdBranchMergeUser-StoryGerrit Message
sysint7cb94b5rdk-next10/16/2019RDK-25074RDK-25143: Implement script to load modules based on RFC at boot time.





Gerrit message

meta-rdk-asp95892b7rdk-next9/27/2019Update tdk and tdkb paths after they have been opensource
meta-rdk-bsp-emulator850a453rdk-next9/9/2019Set openssl PREFERRED_VERSION to 1.0.2j

c9626f6rdk-next11/22/2019REFPLTB-444 : Modified setup script to load webui during fresh boot-up in Emulator

d9181d7rdk-next10/18/2019Add libatomic to containers XML files

1242e31rdk-next10/15/2019Add libTTSClient and librtRemote to containers XML files

6caedderdk-next10/14/2019Recipe appends needs suffices to be effective.

edec881rdk-next9/27/2019Add wpe-webkit_0.4.1 recipe append

609c2f2rdk-next11/12/2019Remove patch from wpe-webkit
dvr197c9ferdk-next9/8/2019RDKCOM-1065 RDKCMF-8564 SAMSELENE-1417 (0072) Speed notification is added a...
846a989rdk-next9/8/2019RDKCMF-8564 SAMSELENE-1417 (0072) Speed notification is added at play start.

RDKCMF-8564 ARRISEOS-24243 (0085) Adaptation field handling fix
2642c3drdk-next9/8/2019RDKCOM-1069 RDKCMF-8564 ARRISEOS-24243 (0085) Adaptation field handling fix
gstreamer-cxx170dd6amaster9/25/2019RDKCMF-8285 Update gstreamer-cxx sources (56eb372)
meta-cmf012bd2crdk-next11/13/2019Add CMF_GITHUB_ROOT variable
c5e897erdk-next11/1/2019Enable utopia external source for all bb builds.
380b2a7rdk-next10/31/2019Enable ccsp-lm-lite external source for all bb builds.
2d2e42erdk-next10/31/2019Enable ccsp-gwprovapp external source for all bb builds.
93bc679rdk-next10/31/2019Add external source support for camgr
b69c642rdk-next10/31/2019Enable ccsp-common-library external source for all bb builds.
44d7a67rdk-next10/30/2019Update extsrc definitions for Turris Omnia builds
dd8d931rdk-next10/24/2019Enable EXTSRC build for halinterface for RPi.
863fe42rdk-next10/22/2019Add Turris support in external source defintion generation
19687b3rdk-next10/21/2019Revert "Add bbmask for telemetry"
533edd6rdk-next10/11/2019Enable cpuprocanalyzer in video builds
780404ardk-next10/11/2019Update cpuprocanalyzer recipe append


rdk-next10/11/2019Add bbmask for telemetry
56fcd82rdk-next10/8/2019Add cobalt recipe
54c22f4rdk-next9/27/2019Update tdk and tdkb paths after they have been opensource
33d5c8drdk-next9/26/2019Add BBMASK for icu recipes in meta-wpe
912c5abrdk-next9/24/2019Revert "Remove lxc-container-generator-native from external source definitions"
ac714d9rdk-next9/12/2019Revert "Revert "Update EXT_SRC definitions for gstqamtunersrc""
meta-cmf-raspberrypib3b8cfdrdk-next11/29/2019REFPLTV-373: Enable Persistent Wifi Connectivity on RDK-V with Thunder


Add sysint/devicerpi SRC_URI append to ccsp-webui

c31d350rdk-next11/25/2019Revert "Force pxcore-libnode to be complied everytime."

09ccadbrdk-next11/25/2019Force pxcore-libnode to be complied everytime.

95d2897rdk-next11/21/2019Add spark dependency to wpeframework-plugins

00068f3rdk-next11/18/2019Regenerate fix-lan-handler-for-rpi patch

a652c20rdk-next11/13/2019Add extsrc support for appmanager and iarmmgr

ad0993ardk-next11/8/2019RDKCMF-6078 Update SRC_URI for tdk-b rpi device repo

773247brdk-next11/5/2019Disable alljoyn for 64bit build

9022e02rdk-next11/10/2019TDK-1904: Add tdk rne-sdk image recipe for thunderstrom  branch

9bef39crdk-next11/10/2019REFPLTV-356 Merge thunderstorm branches back to rdk-next

acfc690rdk-next11/10/2019TDK-1902: Add TDK recipe to thunderstrom branch


TS-16 : For a single IR key press, double action takes place

6c892d4rdk-next11/9/2019TS-16 : For a single IR key press, double action takes place

ef686f8rdk-next11/9/2019REFPLTV-356 Merge thunderstorm branches back to rdk-next


REFPLTV-356 Merge thunderstorm branches back to rdk-next


REFPLTV-356 Merge thunderstorm branches back to rdk-next

08db97brdk-next11/9/2019REFPLTV-356 Merge thunderstorm branches back to rdk-next

5b71e3erdk-next11/9/2019REFPLTV-356 Merge thunderstorm branches back to rdk-next

c0391ferdk-next11/9/2019REFPLTV-356 Merge thunderstorm branches back to rdk-next

4212bccrdk-next11/8/2019REFPLTV-356 Merge thunderstorm branches back to rdk-next

266bfb0rdk-next11/8/2019TS-4 : Add necessary changes to meta-cmf-raspberrypi

3ce69acrdk-next11/8/2019TS-4 : changes to meta-cmf-raspberrypi for latest metro layer

bcaaab3rdk-next11/8/2019TS-21 : Missing breakpad-wrapper library and header file

9ad4bdbrdk-next11/8/2019TS-16 : For a single IR key press, double action takes place

cc7fe3drdk-next11/8/2019Update wpewebkit_2.22 recipe append

cd9166drdk-next11/8/2019REFPLTV-356 Merge thunderstorm branches back to rdk-next

17cf573rdk-next11/1/2019Add extsrc support for utopia

c8fcca5rdk-next11/1/2019Disable ps_wide config

8dcfc63rdk-next10/31/2019Enable camgr-tests in refapp builds

aa1f786rdk-next10/18/2019Add libatomic to containers XML files

9a3da88rdk-next10/15/2019Add libTTSClient and librtRemote to containers XML files

aaa4aeerdk-next10/2/2019Revert "Add libWPEJavaScriptCore to containers XML files"

9033d6drdk-next9/30/2019Add libWPEJavaScriptCore to containers XML files

0e91575rdk-next9/27/2019Remove PREFERRED_VERSION for wpe-webkit

946f665rdk-next9/25/2019RDKCMF-8584 Upstream latest version of lxc-container-generator

9b0f065rdk-next9/24/2019REFPLTB-REFPLTB-415 : Changed permission mode for self heal scripts

9/19/2019REFPLTB-413 : Updated ccsp-common-library bbappend to support self heal feature in rpi

08e165crdk-next9/19/2019REFPLTB-411 : Added self heal scripts via sysint broadband bbappend

52be029rdk-next9/13/2019REFPLTB-406 : Modified test-and-diagnostic bbappend with support of self heal

fee922erdk-next9/23/2019REFPLTB-409 : SDK : with sdk extract , ccsp header files are missing

6ff8dc9rdk-next9/23/2019REFPLTB-414 : Ethwan WebUI Changes

942d1b0rdk-next9/20/2019Remove qtwebkit dependency from servicemanager

dcce727rdk-next9/11/2019Revert "Add westeros-sink recipe override to fix patch error"

19f8648rdk-next9/8/2019Add bbmask for aamp

a2015a5rdk-next9/5/2019REFPLTB-390: Self heal not supported in RDKB Rpi

7f9f86drdk-next10/10/2019REFPLTB-368REFPLTB-393 : Updated hostapd start script with support of PreferPrivate COnnImprovement
meta-cmf-video0eb6c0erdk-next11/21/2019Add pxcore dependency to rmfstreamer

25c968frdk-next11/12/2019Add gupnp to xupnp dependency

0034c5brdk-next10/17/2019Add gnutls as dependency in xupnp

94c6f07rdk-next10/15/2019Add libgpg-error as dependency in xupnp

6ef4eb8rdk-next10/11/2019Add rfc and wdmp-c as dependencies in xupnp

1cf5c8brdk-next10/11/2019Revert "Disable rfc in xupnp"

f740b48rdk-next10/11/2019Disable rfc in xupnp

db23033rdk-next9/27/2019Update tdk and tdkb paths after they have been opensource
meta-cmf-video-restrictedb5a4af8master11/19/2019Enable Coverity for camgr recipes
33282c3master11/13/2019Add extsrc support for appmanager
ace947emaster10/31/2019RDKCMF-8590 Upstream initial CA manager code
0c9e8f0master10/21/2019dependencies on thud version
d4a1b82master10/8/2019Update applications/logos
6d1c225master9/11/2019RDKCMF-8582 Remove gstqamtunersrc patchImprovement
meta-rdk052f6448rdk-next11/12/2019Remove PREFERRED_VERSION for wpe-webkit in rdkvemu config


RDKCOM-1130: REFPLTV-367 rdk recipe append overwriting do_compile function

9b9ec0a7rdk-next11/12/2019RDKCOM-1120: Remove PREFERRED_VERSION for wpe-webkit in rdkvemu config

6e02dafrdk-next13/11/2019CG8-2949: [Field][Cox] CG8 firmware download fails after using C1 to C2


RDKCOM-1120: Remove PREFERRED_VERSION for wpe-webkit in rdkvemu config


DELIA-38081: patchset build for codecentral repos

528862ccrdk-next10/25/2019RDKB-21287RDKB-25380 : stable2 release builds for RDKV failing

60f10b34rdk-next11/18/2019RDKB-13484: Add new smcroute package for Home Lan Isolation

2daa889crdk-next9/29/2019Revert "RDKALL-1669 : Upgrade icu to version 64.1"
meta-rdk-extca65b3erdk-next10/2/2019XRE-13922: Update WPE & WPEFramework recipes to newer versions

33ebaefrdk-next9/27/2019XRE-13922: Update WPE & WPEFramework recipes to newer versions

2b8da07rdk-next10/2/2019XRE-14216: [WPEFramework] disable JSONRPCExample plugin

ba32baerdk-next10/14/2019XRE-14272: cherry-picked Speech Synthesis changes into stable2

e0e69a9rdk-next11/12/2019RDKCMF-8584 Upstream latest version of lxc-container-generator
meta-rdk-video1f91cadardk-next10/17/2019DELIA-37507 : Spark 1.10
sessionmgr6700e5fmaster10/10/2019RDKCMF-8285 Update sessionmgr sources

9451a7amaster9/25/2019RDKCMF-8285 Update sessionmgr sources (8efe1fe)
websocket-ipplayer207431b8master9/25/2019RDKCMF-8285 Update websocket-ipplayer2 sources (2e77c73)
websocket-ipplayer2-utils9962cbamaster9/25/2019RDKCMF-8285 Update websocket-ipplayer2-utils sources (8efe1fe)
qtbase-5.1.1fd0fb72rdk-next9/12/2019Update generated patch file:  0001-RDKCMF-963-generate-qtbase-patch-from-vanilla-OSS-qt.patch
qtwebkit-5.1.13f36469rdk-next9/12/2019Update generated patch file:  0002-RDKCMF-963-generate-qtwebkit-patch-from-vanilla-OSS-.patch
qtwebsockets-0.9.01b1f826rdk-next9/12/2019Update generated patch file:  qtwebsockets_generic_v0.9.0.patchEnhancement
v4l2teste0d94bamaster11/6/2019Use driver supplied bytesperline for stride

a231d3fmaster10/24/2019Handle plane padding for contiguously stored multiplane

9dfdb21master9/27/2019Ignore driver min capture buffers if too small, tolerate get selection

5f4cad7master9/13/2019Specify the repository GitHub mirror location

Add additional tests

361dfd8master9/13/2019Specify the repository GitHub mirror location
westerosf60d601master12/3/2019Add tests for embedded composition with repeater client

7ecb7b3master11/29/2019Add render with delegation test

a297e7fmaster11/28/2019Harmonizing sink: part 3 -add queued_frames property -filter pts error and underflow during flush -add capture stream on error -add get decoder status query -add custom downstream event -update preroll

16d7c5cmaster11/22/2019Harmonizing sink: part 2 -harmonize eos detection -signal eos via base sink -fix issue with Nexus calls prior to join -pass segment event to base sink -update position for frame advance -don't emit signals from Nexus callbacks -notify upstream of resource changes

aafe9ecmaster11/20/2019Change video-pts property to return absolute pts

9d6e752master11/16/2019Harmonize zoom-mode property

ba7dd4fmaster11/13/2019Refactor nexus resource allocation and allow for repeated cyclingthrough element states

e4267demaster11/7/2019Use v4l2 driver supplied bytesperline for stride

e811537master11/6/2019Add locking to video start in accept caps

b17689cmaster11/5/2019Move to version 1.01.11

2f843e2master11/4/2019Consolidate WESTEROS_GL_NO_PLANES support

19e1aeamaster11/2/2019Add support for virtual embedded compositors Virtual embedded compositors share a single underlying Wayland display to allow a process to create multiple virtual embedded compositors on platforms that don't support the creation of more than one Wayland compositor per process

00a944cmaster10/24/2019enhance drm video server for multiplane, support v4l2 plane padding for contiguous multiplane

833be2amaster10/16/2019Refresh nxclient connection on pause to play

31d2539master10/15/2019Add defensive null checks

1ea2392master10/15/2019Add missing DRM_USE_NATIVE_FENCE guard

c79a15fmaster9/30/2019Move to version 1.01.10

dac5aabmaster9/27/2019v4l2: ignore driver min capture buffers if too small, tolerate get selection failure

079100cmaster9/25/2019Always set initial vpc video path

9fd1e96master9/20/2019Always update sink surface zorder and opacity

868831amaster9/19/2019Add video-pts property to westerossink

3ec1ec0master9/17/2019Ensure mutex protection for display timer

93b8d15master9/9/2019Enhance protection against hangs in WstCompositorStop

e370c66master11/19/2019Fix some issues found via dynamic analysis
tdk7d0fac8rdk-next10/11/2019TDK-1905 : Add environment variable to support spark script execution
injectedbundle3fbfe78rdk-next10/14/2019XRE-14272: cherry-picked Speech Synthesis changes into stable2
ledmgr84248e5rdk-next9/27/2019RDKMDOC-64: LED Doxygen Documentation
libusbctrlb5aec6brdk-next11/5/2019RDKMDOC-66: libusbctrl Doxygen Documentation
lxc-container-generator876794emaster9/26/2019RDKCMF-8584 Upstream latest version of lxc-container-generator
media_utils3a03fd3rdk-next9/20/2019RDKMDOC-65: Media-utils Doxygen Documentation
rdkat92fa687rdk-next10/14/2019XRE-14272: cherry-picked Speech Synthesis changes into stable2
rdkbrowser235bae5frdk-next11/1/2019XRE-14323: add option to enable ephemeral mode

4000d85rdk-next10/14/2019XRE-14256: Send "voiceGuidanceMode" property from rdkbrowser to RDK-AT
ttsengine5913f53rdk-next10/14/2019XRE-14267: API to retrieve current configuration
tdkadvance40f3d1frdk-next10/11/2019RDKTT-1759: TM M69 MySQL dump

86f8eccrdk-next11/11/2019RDKTT-1783: TM M70 Adv MySQL dump

ffc5f4ardk-next9/5/2019TDKB-852: M68 Coverage Improvement

d6ceb1crdk-next12/1/2019TDKB-903 : Modify webui scripts

dd3be0crdk-next11/27/2019TDKB-917 : M71 Coverage Improvement

95a09cardk-next11/26/2019TDKB-908 : Adding sleep in scripts

RDKCOM-1140:RDKDEV-46: Added definitions of two new key codes

rfc7dbf8d1rdk-next10/8/2019RDKALL-838RDKALL-839 Change CI Xconf endpoint URL for RFC
meta-cmf-raspberrypid0957ecrdk-next9/27/2019RDKCMF-8586 IP Player enable testapp and fixes after major update
meta-rdk-ext863236frdk-next12/04/2019RDKB-25704:Intermittently DNS packets are forwarded to normal dns_servers


DELIA-38289:APPS-04036 due to WebProcess crash

7e6594ardk-next9/16/2019RDKALL-325: DNS Queries follow strict ordering

4801a07rdk-next10/10/2019RDK-24121: Detect DolbyVision support

46d51ebrdk-next10/10/2019XRE-14423: fast exit for webkit child processes
tdk-advanced7c89798rdk-next9/21/2019RDKTT-1728RDKTT-1737: Changes in TDK based on Secrets scanning results

770dde9rdk-next10/9/2019RDKTT-1743 : TDK-V Coverage enhancement

RDKTT-1737: Changes in TDK based on Secrets scanning result


RDKTT-1808: Bug fix for script group search


RDKTT-1787: Issue when Rerun is Paused


RDKTT-1732: Correcting alignment in Execution details page


RDKTT-1585RDKTT-1725: Option to download test cases from script list summary page


RDKTT-1734RDKTT-1735: Bug Fix on easy option to fill ocapId


RDKTT-1719: Modifications for getDeviceStatusList API


RDKTT-1749: Fix TDK Loose Ends from Open Sourcing


RDKCOM-1119 Add CONTRIBUTING.md file to repository.

mediaframework6030b4crdk-next10/9/2019RDK-25001RDK-25328 : LSA should ignore multiple overlapping SCTE35 triggers

3fb7de6rdk-next9/17/2019DELIA-37203 : Retry after any authservice comm failure


DELIA-38052: P1 enhancements should support multiple POID

5f1e527rdk-next9/16/2019DELIA-35924 RDKALL-325: Fallback to Secondary DNS server taking time
netsrvmgr648b43frdk-next9/17/2019RDK-25212 : fix the lnf state


DELIA-36787: LNF stops trying even if the wifi is disconnected.

e4aa1a6rdk-next9/17/2019RDK-25212 : Send Xre refresh for changing ssid
servicemanager6361f18rdk-next9/17/2019RDK-25212: Launch Wifi Screens From XRE
meta-rdk-video1f91cadardk-next10/17/2019DELIA-37507 : Spark 1.10
sysint1fb7a05rdk-next10/18/2019RDK-25323RDK-26017 : Removing remote pairing inforation during warehouse reset

b80f3d4rdk-next10/17/2019DELIA-38191 : Messages.txt flooded with log rotation service logs

dadf93erdk-next11/27/2019RDK-25440, DELIA-39160: COX-Hospitality provisioned STB is making a request to
diagnosticsdc9991ardk-next9/9/2019RDK-23225: Updated with Dejavu Sans font license

662f524rdk-next10/17/2019DELIA-37925 : html diag is showing wrong alignment
tr69hostif1c5016erdk-next10/18/2019DELIA-38358: [1909 Sprint] Reboot Reason is logged rebootInfo.log after

9097afardk-next11/27/2019RDK-25440: Add additional partner IDs for Cox Hospitality



RDKTT-1726: TM M68 MySQL dump


RDKTT-1712: Move the SM module xml


RDKTT-1726: TM M68 MySQL dump


TDKB-867: Ethwan Script modifications

dvr197c9ferdk-next9/8/2019RDKCOM-1065 RDKCMF-8564 SAMSELENE-1417 (0072) Speed notification is added a...

2642c3drdk-next9/8/2019RDKCOM-1069 RDKCMF-8564 ARRISEOS-24243 (0085) Adaptation field handling fix




Gerrit message

meta-rdk-bsp-emulator7dd0d6erdk-next11/26/2019REFPLTB-304 : [TDK]Default value of most parameters under

8c882f3rdk-next11/22/2019REFPLTB-439 : Emulator UI frequently not getting data from backend

37ca19brdk-next11/20/2019REFPLTB-439 : Emulator UI frequently not getting data from backend

3b30bc5rdk-next11/19/2019REFPLTB-439 : Emulator UI frequently not getting data from backend

cfda325rdk-next11/19/2019TDK-1318: Resolving RDKV EMUHYB RMF Failures

fd48719rdk-next11/4/2019Remove disabling of alljoyn

9a52aafrdk-next11/1/2019Remove redundant overrides

2cf57e4rdk-next9/24/2019RDKB-24797: To fix X86EMLTRBB yocto stable2 build for cimplog dependency

f248edbrdk-next9/13/2019REFPLTB-397 : RDKB Emulator Device.Hosts. returning "Can't find destination component"

98bd2adrdk-next11/5/2019REFPLTV-354: Unable to ssh to emulator media client image.
fogfc15224rdk-next12/3/2019Revert "DELIA-37504 : fog hang when back to back manifest failures"

2baae0frdk-next11/21/2019DELIA-37504 : fog hang when back to back manifest failures

f822341rdk-next10/23/2019DELIA-36280 : HLS Main Manifest Caching for performance improvement

98f713ardk-next10/23/2019DELIA-38680: HLS tracks are not culled after TSB full

638816frdk-next10/18/2019DELIA-36174 : civetweb-worker crash in DashPlaylistDownload::waitReadyToSendFile

74f1e3ardk-next10/1/2019DELIA-37864 : Macro blocking in linear channels

8ebe8eerdk-next10/1/2019DELIA-37514: 404 errors from fog on channel changes with 1908_sprint

8ecdb8drdk-next10/1/2019DELIA-38226 :[FOG] downloading manifests at unexpected/unacceptable rate

2da97f9rdk-next9/13/2019DELIA-37155 : 404 on manifest request

523c4f6rdk-next9/12/2019DELIA-25507 : fog directory is not present under SD_CARD_MOUNT_PATH
mediaframework91878eerdk-next10/30/2019DELIA-37386 Limit the maximum packets in ad

1fbe445rdk-next10/30/2019DELIA-38465 : LSA Telemetry for fixed and replace spots

9b10f20rdk-next10/10/2019DELIA-35231 : Tuning is happening before getting STT

e0b4a99rdk-next12/4/2019DELIA-38052 : P1 enhancements should support multiple POID


DELIA-36630 : Player does not generate a PSN

4bafaecrdk-next10/3/2019DELIA-37365 : Adding logs to debug the crash issue

7240ec5rdk-next10/1/2019DELIA-37298 : Software upgrade reboot is showing as HAL_SYS_REBOOT.

8523aacrdk-next9/23/2019DELIA-37547 Change APDU send sequence

3fb7de6rdk-next9/17/2019DELIA-37203 : Retry after any authservice comm failure

5f1e527rdk-next9/16/2019DELIA-35924 RDKALL-325: Fallback to Secondary DNS server taking time

Remove disabling of alljoyn
meta-cmf-raspberrypi982e560rdk-next10/29/2019Remove ccsp-safenat-broadband recipe override

e66da88rdk-next11/8/2019TS-14 : Fix bugs observed in RDK-4.0 Beta-Image

1eb1261rdk-next11/7/2019TS-17 : Exit the video playback from Reference App

5d18e22rdk-next11/1/2019Remove redundant overrides

0e1909crdk-next11/10/2019TS-25: RDK_FSROOT_PATH having no value when SDK is sourced

86c9ff5rdk-next10/14/2019REFPLTB-427 : RDKB RPI smoke tests are failing

006edb0rdk-next10/9/2019REFPLTB-425 : RPI-B Smoke tests are failing because left hand

c280f93rdk-next10/9/2019REFPLTB-304,REFPLTB-320 : [TDK]Default value of most parameters under

c36331drdk-next10/10/2019REFPLTV-208 Sync gdb .bbappend version

5a6d470rdk-next11/4/2019Remove disabling of ruli

2efb543rdk-next11/4/2019Remove disabling of alljoyn

77723bfrdk-next9/18/2019REFPLTV-341: Smoke tests are failing for RPI-V Mediaclient.

be201e7rdk-next11/22/2019Fix pxcore-libnode dependency in wpeframework-plugins

f3d941frdk-next11/27/2019Fix pxcore-standalone dependency in wpeframework-plugins

meta-cmf-video39e4080rdk-next9/6/2019REFPLTV-355: RPI builds are failing in tdksm component when i am using rdkv-asp-nosrc.xml manifest file.
meta-rdk5788c954rdk-next10/21/2019DELIA-38545RDKALL-2001: Full coverity builds are failing randomly

eba619bcrdk-next10/21/2019RDKB-25284 : Moving recipies to broadband layer

8a92bd47rdk-next11/25/2019XRE-13455 [WebDriver] - wpe-webdriver

1dfbd3bbrdk-next11/14/2019Revert "CG8-2949: [Field][Cox] CG8 firmware download fails after using C1 to C2"

6e02daf0rdk-next11/13/2019CG8-2949: [Field][Cox] CG8 firmware download fails after using C1 to C2

3d94cc00rdk-next10/7/2019RDKB-25073: bbmask entry in rdkv rdkc and rdkvemu config for rdkfwupgrader.bb

13098aberdk-next9/24/2019DELIA-36205: RDM download_apps.sh script throws error.

a5737704rdk-next9/16/2019RDKB-23953 : Revert xfhome from zilker to touchstone

635b680ardk-next9/12/2019DELIA-38081, PACEXID-1749 : patchset build for codecentral repos

09705e2rdk-next9/12/2019DELIA-37326: Notify RAND_T and CMD Ring-A-Tile via WebPA

c61adb0crdk-next9/11/2019BLDK-583 : Red Light License OSS overrides in CMF Emulator build targets

1c5002cfrdk-next9/11/2019DELIA-38081 : patchset build for codecentral repos
meta-rdk-ext65a3530rdk-next11/7/2019RDKB-25112: meta-rdk-ext Copyright Header Update Required

0dc899brdk-next11/6/2019RDKB-25341RDKB-25385: To update parodus conn retry time in /tmp/parconnhealth.txt

80b3405rdk-next11/6/2019XRE-14421: Verify JSC crash fix

425cc5ardk-next11/1/2019TCXB6-5218TCXB6-5496 : Packaging issue with ssmtp recipe

d1f4b5erdk-next10/30/2019RDKB-24722: Fix for parodus cjwt crash due to buffer overrun

113fb97rdk-next10/29/2019XRE-14431: fix crash on dynamic change to/from NonCompositedWebGL

7b42d16rdk-next10/23/2019RDKB-24661: To fix nopoll_conn_unref parodus crash

e0600e4rdk-next10/21/2019XRE-14291: propagate parsing errors to MSE SourceBuffer

dfc0a41rdk-next10/16/2019BLDK-663: qtwebsockets recipe LICENSE updated

202db55rdk-next10/14/2019RDKB-23302 : After entering 43rd character line goes into scroll mode

9062b91rdk-next10/10/2019RDK-25078:Resolve tinyxml2 bugs

ee88d91rdk-next10/10/2019DELIA-37250 : Start WPEFramework service before Receiver

46d51ebrdk-next10/10/2019XRE-14423: fast exit for webkit child processes

e5717d6rdk-next10/8/2019XRE-14235: disable BitmapTextureEGL for Intel-CE platform (wpe-0.4.3)

0a39d4ardk-next10/8/2019XRE-14334: treat gst pad error as format error

5de9054rdk-next10/7/2019DELIA-36794: Internet connection error on resuming amazon playback

40a85fcrdk-next10/7/2019XRE-14237: enable sampling profiler support (wpe-0.4.2)

c8cab3crdk-next10/7/2019XRE-14218: turn off memory pressure/relief logging by default (wpe-0.4.2)

253089crdk-next10/7/2019DELIA-36183: YouTube: Video flickering observed during content playback

882ebefrdk-next10/4/2019XRE-14217 : WPEProcess does not auto-restart

8edcb6drdk-next10/4/2019XRE-14261: disable Widevine for YouTube (wpe 0.4.2)

69ad67drdk-next10/4/2019XRE-14269: WebProcess hang on destroying pipepline

81153e9rdk-next10/4/2019DELIA-36919: Rebooting is happening after 15~20 seconds

064bc32rdk-next10/3/2019XRE-14376 : possible memory corruption due to dealloc of uninitialized memory

2d3f31erdk-next10/3/2019RDKB-24500 : Invalid DNS entries causing DNS flooding

0ad921erdk-next10/3/2019BCOM-3537 : pass HWError key status in OCDM

f189350rdk-next10/2/2019XRE-14351: Web process crash on failed decryption

8a65c5frdk-next10/2/2019XRE-14295: WPEframework service does not auto restart

2f05757rdk-next10/2/2019XRE-14205: HDCP authentication behavior when TV is powered off.

0e21195rdk-next10/2/2019XRE-14198: Youtube "free with ads" content fails to play

63843f3rdk-next10/2/2019XRE-14086, RDKPI-265: disable shared JSC

fa1303brdk-next9/24/2019RDKB-24602 :Multiple DNS Enteries in resolv.conf

cf4eb4ardk-next9/24/2019BLDK-687: Problems Moving Files to meta-rdk-ext

767f5f4rdk-next9/12/2019XRE-14293: Playing Event is sending before the streaming playback starts.

9d55ccdrdk-next9/9/2019TCXB6-4844 :fails to update IPv6 PD after a node move to alternate CCAP chassis

a236c15rdk-next9/9/2019RDKB-22791 : fetch auth token for parodus every connect

588ec60rdk-next11/25/2019XRE-14264: support for successive tracks in matroska

fa2b093rdk-next11/25/2019XRE-13455 [WebDriver] - WebDriver Port

3d6f9b8rdk-next11/20/2019XRE-14439: capture key board modifiers in key event data

a244dc8rdk-next11/20/2019XRE-14420: fix crash due to double free

4c35ae5rdk-next11/13/2019XRE-14515: [WPE] [MSE] backport latest changes

d02c8edrdk-next11/13/2019XRE-14481: [MSE] fix possible PTS/DTS to double representation

75501fardk-next11/13/2019XRE-14481: [MSE] update `m_bufferFull` flag when evicted enough

8cef476rdk-next11/12/2019XRE-14335: improve handling of hidden web pages

0e6ae84rdk-next11/12/2019DELIA-37719: Modifying e2fsprogs in meta-rdk-ext layer
meta-rdk-videod1b1440brdk-next11/29/2019DELIA-36467: Added on failure hook for path units

aca2f347rdk-next11/25/2019XRE-13455 [WebDriver] - Compile time flag

aa962c0crdk-next11/21/2019DELIA-37667 : iptables.log is missing under /opt/logs/

88b1b8b5rdk-next11/12/2019DELIA-37665: syslog_ng crash high frequency in 3.8.1

2880b2acrdk-next11/1/2019BCOM-3560 : Enhance protection against hangs in WstCompositorStop

e9ff3162rdk-next10/29/2019BCOM-3739: Disable DefaultDependencies for Parodus

6cf8ec66rdk-next10/11/2019DELIA-37627: Rdk logger for proc analyzer not working for arrisxg1v4 & pacexg1v1

26bb3b02rdk-next10/11/2019OWL-97:To guard rfc related changes in xupnp module

e1bec56ardk-next10/10/2019DELIA-31682 : Enabled timeout utility


DELIA-37704: SDCard parameters return "Invalid Parameter Name"


DELIA-37545: RF4CE parameters return Invalid Parameter Name

17f4d563rdk-next9/24/2019BLDK-687 : Problems Moving Files to meta-rdk-ext
tr696275e8brdk-next9/16/2019DELIA-32250: TR69 logs fill up with STUN errors even in IPv6 mode
westerose370c66master11/19/2019Fix some issues found via dynamic analysis

7d9f01emaster11/6/2019Fix unintialized variable and event checks

79595f2master11/15/2019Fixes for bugs found via static analysis

5ac9722master11/7/2019Fix some memory leaks

948765dmaster11/25/2019Don't call recycle prior to push
aamp76f1d66stable212/3/2019DELIA-38164 : [AAMP] unnecessary trailing newlines in logging

dd06abcstable212/2/2019DELIA-38948: Support anomaly event logging in UVE Reference Player

ffae899stable211/30/2019DELIA-38261: Adbreak ended early. Terminating Ad playback message are seen in logs.

43f9e8estable211/26/2019DELIA-38815: misleading logging while loading /opt/aamp.cfg

88b8892stable211/26/2019XRE-14514  : crash in AAMPOCDMSession::clearDecryptContext

5972b47stable211/25/2019DELIA-37355 [AAMP] Crash on channel change with 1908_sprint

f89f5d2stable211/26/2019DELIA-38338 :  "56B blob data" is printed in receiver log

2f0c6f5stable211/25/2019XRE-14172: AAMP UVE: incorrect current time, start, end, duration for Dynamic SegmentTimeline content

99bb22estable211/25/2019DELIA-38923: Wrong playback position upon transition from FF/REW back to Play

b5250d7stable211/25/2019DELIA-37908: aampFetchInit crash due to SIGSEGV.

ae847eastable211/25/2019DELIA-37753: opencdm_session_close crash after 16 tunes

e738edestable211/20/2019DELIA-39108: Seek/Resume option not working with Sling assets

42322ffstable211/19/2019DELIA-36518 : [Rack][SamsungXG2v2 [AAMPDASH]:AAMP: No supported Audio Types in Manifest(50)

658249estable211/19/2019DELIA-38572  : Fix multiple videoend events for single xre tune session

858ca11stable211/18/2019DELIA-39083: PTS error increased after 3.11 rolled out

b939e45stable211/18/2019DELIA-38796: Ad Playout Failing. Period transitions are not happening

b9c5852stable211/14/2019BCOM-3994, Error:Your GStreamer installation is missing a plug-in

b35e843stable211/13/2019XRE-14426 : Handling unwanted CR in fragmentcollector_hls rather than in main_aamp

27b1ae5stable211/6/2019DELIA-38481 : address OSX compiler warnings while building aamp-cli

c1961a5stable211/6/2019DELIA-37818:[AAMP] [DASH] corrupt mpd can result in crash Reason for change: Corrected the return value from GetMpdFromManfiest function. Test Procedure: Tested in PC Simulator Risks: Low Signed-off-by: Mohammad Raeez <mohammad.raeez@tataelxsi.co.

80bae12stable211/5/2019DELIA-37508 : [AAMP] diagnostics easter egg can show bogus "HLS/Widevine" - when using aamp.cfg overrides

56190efstable212/3/2019DELIA-39562 : [AAMP] Log flooding during DASH playback

c24950fstable211/4/2019DELIA-38658 To remove the RDK error from AAMP.

c5bb113stable210/31/2019BCOM-3653 : Dash Pg up/dn 4sec audio loss

bcf35d3stable210/31/2019DELIA-38949 : [AAMP] aamp.cfg is remnant in 3.14s3_PROD build.

ee38543stable210/30/2019Revert "DELIA-36931: UpdateCullingState logging for non-live stream"

02e1b69stable210/23/2019DELIA-36973 : Shaka live content poor playback

94413dcstable210/23/2019DELIA-34907: Creating vidsink only for video.

5aeb10estable210/23/2019DELIA-36069 : aampInjector crash in gst_object_unref

716bdf3stable210/22/2019DELIA-38784 : [3.11] regression with timed metadata reporting format

e093241stable210/22/2019DELIA-38528: IPVOD Tune latency in 3.11p3s1

b490b82stable210/22/2019DELIA-36280 : HLS Cache for VOD/Non-Fog Linear across channel change

f4d876fstable210/21/2019DELIA-34082: microevent tune failure reason should be included with failed tune attempts

408bb54stable210/21/2019BCOM-3668 : buffering_timeout() called while pipeline is stopping on error.

ea9de84stable210/17/2019DELIA-35979 :Content length mismatch

3a2575dstable210/16/2019DELIA-36310 : [AAMP] suboptimal manifest download failure handling

4447cacstable210/16/2019DELIA-38502: FOG errors shown while playing Ad

0865ee0stable210/9/2019BCOM-3537: Playback fails with AAMP: Failed to process DRM key


DELIA-38451: Not able to see CDAI prints in anomoly viewer

8568e75stable210/6/2019DELIA-37551: [AAMP][HLS][XITE] unplayable stream (EXT-X-BYTERANGE)

8b1beb3stable210/3/2019DELIA-37549:  [AAMP] log flooding "BaseURL not available"

560f8f2stable210/3/2019DELIA-37580: MPD refresh log (DASH manifest) prints are seen every 5 seconds

5e86d53stable29/30/2019DELIA-35476: [AAMP] migrate from C++ to newer C OpenCDM API

16edbf2stable29/29/2019DELIA-35629 [DASH][AAMP] SIGSEGV (MediaTrack::InjectFragment) Crash during LS.

e6e61aastable29/30/2019DELIA-28296: remove MAX_URI_LENGTH limitation

952c297stable210/3/2019DELIA-38115 AAMP timed metadata doxygen / comments

ba33051stable29/13/2019Revert "XRE-14203: sig11 crash when exiting page with active AAMP playback"

8fed6b2stable29/13/2019XRE-14203: sig11 crash when exiting page with active AAMP playback

91dc4c0stable29/11/2019DELIA-37570:  AAMP : Anomaly Viewer does not show DRM error

30f2449stable29/11/2019DELIA-35984 : Reference Player - should show CC enable/disable status immediately onscreen when toggling closed captions

e8e3458stable29/9/2019DELIA-37915 : Progress event flooding

0866ee7stable29/9/2019DELIA-34039: Add stall detection for CURL download requests

5a5cd00stable29/6/2019DELIA-37391 :Remove limitaiton for AAMP Channel Override feature

535c013stable29/6/2019DELIA-36970: [AAMP][UVE] Shaka Test Content - "Encoder: Nimble Streamer"
appmanager83b6fbardk-next10/21/2019BLDK-658 : appmanager missing Apache 2.0 copyright for OSS snippets
bluetoothd6a1df7rdk-next9/23/2019DELIA-36241: suppressing unimportant log lines to avoid log flooding
bluetooth_mgraf27856rdk-next11/19/2019DELIA-38699 : Prevent Log Overflow

3061d7ardk-next9/23/2019DELIA-36241: suppressing unimportant log lines to avoid log flooding
crashupload52d3c33rdk-next11/22/2019DELIA-38478 : Incorrect date tagging in crash dump URL.
dcaec7d47brdk-next11/20/2019TCXB6-7576: Observed multiple redundant markers appears every 15 mins
devicesettings8dad7fbrdk-next9/10/2019DELIA-37392:List of supported colors for "Power" twice
diagnosticsa80a132rdk-next11/28/2019DELIA-38329 DELIA-37397 DELIA-37396 DELIA-38437 : Fixes for pxDiagnostics app

6a90d9frdk-next11/27/2019Revert "DELIA-31867 : Input sanitization is not applicable for toggleIpControl.sh"

5b4f641rdk-next11/22/2019DELIA-31867 : Input sanitization is not applicable for toggleIpControl.sh

662f524rdk-next10/17/2019DELIA-37925 : html diag is showing wrong alignment

65e808erdk-next10/3/2019RDKPI-295: Changed modelName from unknown to RPIMC

DELIA-39357: All the 4K VOD Assets are failing to play

b0a1e26stable210/21/2019DELIA-34082: microevent tune failure reason should be included with failed tune attempts

c01d69cstable29/30/2019DELIA-35476: [AAMP] migrate from C++ to newer C OpenCDM API
hwselftest3b7245ardk-next9/27/2019DELIA-38123: Fix for cache data issue for hwselftest
iarmmgrs8b3dd11rdk-next11/4/2019DELIA-34068: Log HDMI Output/EDID When HDCP Error Occurs

69ecf28rdk-next10/2/2019DELIA-37023 : 4K channel tune fails after STB comes out of deep sleep mode

1ade134rdk-next9/12/2019CG8-2977:STB is not rebooting after factory reset
injectedbundle7b6795erdk-next11/19/2019XRE-14543: Incorrect timezone is observed in cold start
netmonitorcb64372rdk-next10/18/2019DELIA-37541: Added capability to modify route priority.
netsrvmgre6fa49frdk-next11/19/2019DELIA-38961: Fixing buffer overflows in netsrvmgr getRadioProps


DELIA-37541: Added code to modify route priority.

464098crdk-next10/11/2019DELIA-36543:Correct PossibleChannels parameter as per spec

2675fcardk-next9/30/2019DELIA-38410 : LNF doesnt trigger during run time

6fd764ardk-next9/20/2019DELIA-36787 : LNF stops trying even if the wifi is disconnected.

6b4fae9rdk-next9/12/2019DELIA-37414: Adding Support updating Frequency Band getConnectedSSID()
rdkat81687afrdk-next11/22/2019DELIA-38347: WPEWebProcess crash after Pandora app launch
rdkbrowser2f93ac72rdk-next11/25/2019XRE-13455 [WebDriver] - Rdkbrowser2 Automaion

4ab8b86rdk-next11/12/2019XRE-14335: prepare for 'Flex' mode

DELIA-36960: Netflix app exiting due to no shared libraries available

d5acf20rdk-next11/20/2019CISCOXB3-5879, DELIA-39098 : Proper cleanup for error scenarios
rfc3f96e4crdk-next11/26/2019RDKB-25053 : "-eq:unary operator expected" syntax error in Consolelog.txt.0

25471b3rdk-next10/11/2019RDKB-24325 : RFC Setting is Failing for parameter with space inbetween

f106d1erdk-next9/24/2019RDKC-5572: Account hash not set from xconf for RDKC devices
rmf_mediastreamerca4287crdk-next10/11/2019Revert "DELIA-38069 Fixed crash observed on certain error"

326a083rdk-next10/11/2019Revert "DELIA-36050, DELIA-36048, DELIA-36180: Handle destroyTSB request gracefully"

2ab28a1rdk-next9/27/2019DELIA-38069 Fixed crash observed on certain error

168d5a9rdk-next9/27/2019DELIA-36050, DELIA-36048, DELIA-36180: Handle destroyTSB request gracefully
XRE-13911 : Updated configure flags
servicemanager22eac87rdk-next11/28/2019DELIA-39344: getDeviceInfo API is not giving output for few parameters

970e1a5rdk-next11/28/2019XRE2-2090 : Spark Service tests fail when Optimus is enabled

dd4ba07rdk-next11/25/2019DELIA-39255: Wrong log information from RDK code

2606ee9rdk-next11/8/2019DELIA-33007 : Telemetry metrics Request for update of previous rebootinfo

f21476crdk-next9/13/2019DELIA-35077 : System Service will not build with System_6 enabled

111e802rdk-next9/12/2019DELIA-37414: Adding Support updating Frequency Band in getConnectedSSID

26f9579rdk-next9/10/2019DELIA-36560 : ReceiverLocalIn crash in CFrontPanel::onBlinkTimer
sysintac89708rdk-next11/25/2019DELIA-35148 : Getting ECM Mac with zeros

08c0222rdk-next11/25/2019XRE-13455 [WebDriver] -Web Automation 9517 port

39490f5rdk-next11/22/2019DELIA-32180 : Added gstreamer-cleanup logging

99ae7b7rdk-next11/22/2019DELIA-32029, DELIA-38811 : Adding backup of ocapri and ecm logs

a285b95rdk-next11/21/2019DELIA-38659 : fixing failures at bootup

4e6502ardk-next11/29/2019DELIA-36467: Added on failure hook for path units

d61958drdk-next11/20/2019DELIA-38856 : Journal logs are not flushed out on standby mode for xg2v2 devices

f418338rdk-next11/19/2019DELIA-37511 : Different time format observed for system time

73a9a17rdk-next11/13/2019DELIA-39039 : ForwardSSH Enable/Disable

9b11069rdk-next11/8/2019DELIA-33007 : Telemetry metrics Request for update of previous rebootinfo

239882erdk-next11/5/2019DELIA-36976: Back up btmgr logs

fab8441rdk-next11/5/2019DELIA-38818 nslookup and traceroute logs are not getting backup on reboot

d8477cfrdk-next11/5/2019Revert "DELIA-37037, DELIA-36961, DELIA-38795: Resets reboot is reporting HARD_POWER as reboot reason"

03d193drdk-next10/22/2019Revert "CISCOXID-2670:OOPS_DUMP volume creation failed due to logical blocks.this is to experiment whether this fixes for CISCOXID-2742"

af02735rdk-next10/20/2019DELIA-37081: Change in telemetry cache mechanism

5f16aa6rdk-next10/18/2019DELIA-36470:"/opt/rfc.properties" file is not removed after warehouse Reset

ed014e5rdk-next10/18/2019Revert "AXG1V4-1571: Disk full due to continuous TTSEngine crash"

9711fb4rdk-next10/18/2019ARRISXI6-1535, TCHXI6-1049 : Xi6 Stuck on Welcome screen issue

b80f3d4rdk-next10/17/2019DELIA-38191 : Messages.txt flooded with log rotation service logs


DELIA-37620 : Checking /opt size before uploading cores

e8170a5rdk-next10/16/2019DELIA-38278 :Reboot Command is not working in tunnelssh

056fb7ardk-next10/16/2019DELIA-20725: STB is not rejecting the upgrade with same image

39d466brdk-next10/11/2019DELIA-38265 :cpuprocanalyzer.log files are not getting backed up after reboot

5714a6frdk-next10/10/2019DELIA-31682 : Dump logs before shutdown

2b1d279rdk-next10/10/2019DELIA-38337: Boxes not rebooting due to stuck SDcard operations

4b0fea1rdk-next10/10/2019DELIA-38235: Kernel Panic reboot reason is updated as "SECURITY_DL_SW_RESET"

eb8e8ddrdk-next10/1/2019DELIA-37298 : Software upgrade reboot is showing as HAL_SYS_REBOOT.

e0c004erdk-next9/27/2019DELIA-36758 : Removing XRE service dependency for scheduled reboot

3985e8erdk-next9/27/2019Revert "DELIA-24099, DELIA-38313 : Develop Code"

a1219eerdk-next9/25/2019Revert "PXG2V2-1836, PACXG1V3-6219: After Code download STB reboots twice" Reverting this change as it blocks runpod service from rebooting box upon dependency failure.

b9f753ardk-next9/23/2019XONE-19886: 'rebootNow' not working

cd27e76rdk-next9/19/2019AXG1V4-1571: Disk full due to continuous TTSEngine crash

837ce1drdk-next9/16/2019RDKC-5812: Reduce log size for ntp in rdkc

d3c53b4rdk-next9/13/2019DELIA-37877:1908Sprint:IP remote uses physical ip instead of virtual ethernetip

c54a192rdk-next9/12/2019DELIA-36581 : Fog crash during warehouse reset
tr69hostif3059c55rdk-next11/22/2019DELIA-37128: Incorrect model name is returned by webpa handler

56fda1frdk-next11/19/2019XONE-20085: Missmatch in Ethernet Stats.

13ba785rdk-next11/18/2019DELIA-34249: Correct TSBQualified for SDCard and eMMCFlash

a1c3480rdk-next11/14/2019DELIA-38606 : DELIA-38898 : hostif service must start after secure mount

8578c74rdk-next11/14/2019DELIA-38606 : hostif service must start after secure mount is ready

77521adrdk-next11/7/2019XITHREE-7905: Always use a new RMH handle

f77d14brdk-next11/5/2019RDKCMF-8589 Build failure in tr69hostif

307a327rdk-next11/5/2019RDKCOM-1126 Build failure in tr69hostif

637da85rdk-next10/29/2019BCOM-3739: Disable DefaultDependencies for Parodus

1c5016erdk-next10/18/2019DELIA-38358: [1909 Sprint] Reboot Reason is logged rebootInfo.log after

ba91598rdk-next10/11/2019DELIA-36543:Correct PossibleChannels parameter as per spec


DELIA-37258: tr69hostif App crash with _libc_do_syscall

308c0d3rdk-next9/30/2019DELIA-36086: Failed to GET Moca Params due to Invalid param error

cdd13bbrdk-next9/23/2019DELIA-37041: Incorrect Firmware version is returned by webpa

1.97E+44rdk-next9/23/2019DELIA-35232, DELIA-35765: Squash commit

34ca0c6rdk-next11/26/2019RDK-25938 : Generic tr-181 params are defined in a common data model file

bf40387rdk-next9/12/2019DELIA-37326: Notify RAND_T and CMD Ring-A-Tile via WebPA
ttsengine9c4bd78rdk-next10/8/2019BCOM-3838 : Align pcm sink volume with TTSEngine volume
wifi6e4a9b0rdk-next10/16/2019DELIA-36959: Netsrvmgr crash in find_ssid_in_scan_results

f805391rdk-next10/11/2019DELIA-36543:Correct PossibleChannels parameter as per spec
xupnpeca1093rdk-next10/17/2019RDKB-24530:No discover or output.json log files in /rdklogs/logs

90db003rdk-next9/13/2019TCXB6-6960: XDiscovery Service is restarting continuously

71d6b2frdk-next9/9/2019RDKB-20428 : Implement RFC to turn ON and OFF XUPNP

69f0ea7rdk-next11/27/2019RDKB-25793:Setting RFC default value to false for XUPNP
raspberrypi/ devicesettings30c1ea0rdk-next10/29/2019ds-hal: all config file close seg. fault fix
tdkb46ee0c7rdk-next11/26/2019REFPLTB-304 : [TDK]Default value of most parameters under


REFPLTB-304 : [TDK]Default value of most parameters under

151c29ardk-next11/22/2019REFPLTB-442,Feature : Emulator UI frequently not getting data from backend

83351f5rdk-next11/20/2019REFPLTB-439 : Emulator UI frequently not getting data from backend

37a7673rdk-next11/19/2019REFPLTB-374: REFPLTB-359: Admin login DMLs not working as expected for RPI and Emulator,

542bd86rdk-next9/13/2019REFPLTB-397 : RDKB Emulator Device.Hosts. returning "Can't find destination component"
tdk-advanceb4cb715rdk-next11/19/2019RDKTT-1768 : WebPA script issue

edb8e32rdk-next11/19/2019TDK-1318: Resolving RDKV EMUHYB RMF Failures

dd70bc9rdk-next12/4/2019RDKTT-1776RDKTT-1812: Primitive test correction of TDK test library of AAMP

121a43erdk-next11/19/2019RDKTT-1789: Include spark tests for Client device

58ee487rdk-next11/8/2019RDKTT-1763RDKTT-1777: Update TDK Optimus test scripts with suspend promise check

9b1d109rdk-next9/30/2019RDKTT-1721: Update Webpa-v Getnumberofprocesser script