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Yocto place individual components at discrete locations for the build purpose. For example; consider emulator build

../../< Project Folder> /build-qemux86mc/tmp/work/i586-rdk-linux/iarmbus

../../<Project Folder> /build-qemux86mc/tmp/work/qemux86mc-rdk-linux/devicesettings

It will be difficult for a developer to do a code walk through since the entire source code is spread across multiple directories. You might want to build software from source files that are external to and thus outside of the OpenEmbedded build system.For example

../../<Project Folder> /generic

You want the recipe's SRC_URI variable to point to the external directory and use it as is, not copy it. Yocto provides a solution to this by its external SRC support. By this all the components will be pulled to a single place. Say, you are component owner and only focused to modify source code of that component and build it alone. Modify the files under ../../<Project Folder> /generic/iarmbus (as an example; you can modify any component like this)


The statements to put in your local.conf file are illustrated below:

Code Block
INHERIT += "externalsrc"


EXTERNALSRC_pn-myrecipe = "path-to-your-source-tree"

By default, externalsrc.bbclass builds the source code in a directory separate from the external source directory as specified by EXTERNALSRC. If you need to have the source built in the same directory in which it resides, or some other nominated directory, you can set EXTERNALSRC_BUILD to point to that directory:

Code Block

EXTERNALSRC_BUILD_pn-myrecipe = "path-to-your-source-tree"

To know the components building from external SRC, see the content of the file ../../< Project Folder> /build-qemux86mc/conf/auto.conf (In case of emulator)

Yocto Build Types: SRC_URI v/s External SRC

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