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In "RDK-TrainingWorkshop_Atlanta_20130911_v1.0", page 103, the statement "Removed reliance on OCAP". Can you explain more details what the actions are. Is it remove the OCAP specification? Or still compliant to OCAP but with different implementation?  Can more details be provided? thank,s

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  1. Starting with RDK 2.0, the OCAP Reference Implementation stack provided by Cable Labs is no longer used.
    While some major functions of the OCAP stack have been replaced in more proprietary fashion, the RDK no longer needs to be certified as compliance is not required anymore.

    As a result also, the RDK non longer support Java applications (no JVM).

    As far as I know the OCAP specification and the OCAP RI stack are now frozen and will no longer be maintained by CableLabs.

    Hope this helps,

  2. "...the RDK no longer needs to be certified as compliance is not required anymore..."? a little confuse. does it mean RDK will need to be certified as compliance start from 2.0?

  3. Clarification should probably come from RDK Management Llc. But as I understand it, RDK is not a standard, so I don't see how the Reference Design Kit as whole can be certified. 

    However, if RDK uses components that require certification, then it is up to the OEM to go through the certification process.

    This was the case when OCAP and Java was part of RDK 1.x. And there could be still be other components as well, such as DLNA.