Upcoming Webinar

Tuesday, August 3rd, 2021,  11:00 AM EDT

Presented by:  Glee Abraham, Tech. Ops. & Engineering, RDK & Sreelal Nampoothiri, Test Architect, RDK

This webinar will provide a high-level overview of the RDK Video Accelerator, explain how to join the program, and will focus on the certification process.


Recent Webinar

Tuesday, June 29th, 2021,  11:00 AM EDT

Presented by:  Shashank Nanjundaswamy, Technical Manager (RDK-B) &  Kartiksinh Gohil, WAN SME (RDK-B), Sky

In this webinar we will cover the new RDK WAN Manager design to explain how operators can support a variety of WAN connections (e.g. DSL, GPON, PPPoE, etc.) as well as different WAN orchestration policies (e.g. WAN selection, WAN failover), in a scalable manner to easily include new interfaces and policies in the future.


Tuesday, June 15th, 2021,  11:00 AM EDT

Presented by:  Ganesh Prasad Sahu & Abhija Jayan, RDK Support

This webinar will highlight the recent developments in RDK Xconf and the new source code repositories. It will provide detailed information on the features such as Telemetry2 and a demo using the upgraded RDK Xconf server that is deployed for the community.