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  •   -  Kaon manifest file changes.
  • RDKservices  Bluetooth audio and firmware control plugin on latest mediaclient firebolt image.
  • Fixed Build issues in hybrid thunder image like aamp , wpeframework ocdm, wpeframework-rdkservices build failures.



Operator Ref App support through Lightning Framework

  • Know issue/bug fixes:

    • updated auto clock update fixes and resolved conflict issue in pull request
    • Added masthead changes (show time, component name) and backspace key issue (from main menu/after launch on back key app was crashing and user can't perform other operation)
    • raised new pull request https://github.com/LibertyGlobal/refapp/pull/35
  • Analyzing the Appstore metadata service (ASMS)


Broadcom Ref 72180 target –Playready Support

  • RDKSVREQ-21324 - Resolved Comcast's Jenkins requirements and a job created
  • 42752 - change-set to approach build sequence for Comcast CI and also the download sequence for the artifacts from Comcast server
  • BCM72180-10 - directfb HAL failure due to bad checksum



Broadcom to be shared the artifacts to Jenkins team.


RDK Services on R-Pi :

  • REFPLTV-514 - Enable RDK Services on RPi's Media Client Image from CMF build
  • All test results are forwarded to Josekutty Kuriakose
  • REFPLTV-590 - Resident App bring up on RPi Firebolt MC image
  • REFPLTV-592 - Enable bluetooth feature on RPi RDK Services
  • REFPLTV-595 - Enabling bluetooth package configuration on WPE Framework




•Community, TDK Tickets:

    • We seeked Jeff's configuration but he verified vc4graphics + v4l2 on YOE (which is a dunfell based) build so, trying to enable mesa v17 and wayland v 13 on rdk-next (morty build)
  • REFPLTV-593 - Runtime issues on video playback due to a change-set - In progress
  • REFPLTV-465 - TDK test case failed as AAMP not giving STATE_CHANGED event - In progress




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  • Build issues for  hybrid thunder images.
  • Complete testing on RDKservices on latest updated test cases for Each rdkservices plugins. 
  • Bug fixes in RDKSERVICES  (As per the latest testing )

Broadcom Ref 72180 target

  • Ensuring new Job created on Community Internal Jenkins



Accenture Jenkins team

RDK Services on RPi

  • Controller UI to be launched from the Firebolt image generated from CMF manifest
  • Enabling Bluetooth control and Firmware control from Thunder services
  • Follow up with JoseKutty for RDK Services to be enabled



Community RDK-V Tickets



  • Operator Ref App support through Lightning Framework

    • Integration of the Appstore metadata service (ASMS) into refapp2