RDK Support

To contact RDK Support, enter a ticket via https://jira.rdkcentral.com/jira or e-mail support@rdkcentral.com. Before submitting a new support request please be sure to check the FAQ's and visit the RDK Forums to see if your question/issue has already been reported. Your companies open support requests are listed below.

Report a Defect

Currently we use Jira to track RDK Defects. To view the current issues click here.

To submit a new defect: Visit https://jira.rdkcentral.com/jira/projects/RDK and open a new bug in the RDK project. Please be sure to select the appropriate component and version of RDK.

Report a security concern

Questions or concerns regarding security in the RDK Code? Send a message to security@rdkcentral.com to avoid creating a Jira ticket