A tutorial to set up your environment and Download Source Code

  • Cloning the code before login once to code.rdkcentral.com, user would get the Authentication error, even though the account is in good standing and has all the required access.
  • Please login to code.rdkcentral.com before attempting to clone.

The RDK-B code can be obtained from the CMF Gerrit instance using the repo commands below :

$ repo init -u https://code.rdkcentral.com/r/manifests -m rdkb.xml -b rdkb-2018q2
$ repo sync -j4 --no-clone-bundle

Note : The above commands illustrate how to access the specific CMF iteration (snapshot) RDK-B_2018Q2. Substitute the latest iteration currently available in RDK-B Releases page. If you want to get the very latest state of the code (i.e. current development), do not supply a branch, and master will be fetched:

$ repo init -u https://code.rdkcentral.com/r/manifests -m rdkb.xml -b morty
$ repo sync -j4 --no-clone-bundle

The first command will download the manifest, while the other command will fetch and checkout all the relevant git trees. Now you have a complete folder structure ready to build the RDK-B OpenEmbedded distro. The Manifest file (manifest.xml or default.xml) defines which repositories the project uses and links to appropriate revisions of each git repository. After completing "repo init", manifest files will be downloaded in ".repo/manifests/" path.

For other details on how to set up your Environment refer to Getting Started with the Code

Build Source Code

Steps to build the Source code:
In order to build the source code, we need to follow two primary steps,
1. Source the environment setup file
2. Build the required image using bitbake
The build instructions are device specific (e.g Emulator, RaspberryPi) and we need to be careful in using the proper environment setup file. We will take example of raspberry-pi and emulator here for reference.

Building the Emulator Version


RDK-B Emulator Users Guide

RDK-B Emulator Build Instructions

Building for RaspberryPi

RDK-B (RaspberryPi) User's Guide

RDK-B (RaspberryPi) Build Instructions - Morty

For further details on download and build instructions please refer to the RDK-B Release manuals provided with every release.