This component provides 3 major functionalities,

  1. Wi-Fi: Manage the Wi-Fi network by connecting to AP (Access Point) and provide the notification to the application. Generally it is called as Wi-Fi Network Manager.
  2.  Route : Discover and manage the network route for data communication.
  3. MoCA: Managing MoCA services.

Wi-Fi Network Manager

Wifi- network manager, which takes several responsibility for managing Wifi in Video device

Lets see how network manager works when a RDK device boots up, On bootup, network service manager reads a configuration file to check what all network interfaces are supported on current set-top box and accordingly it initializes and bring-up the corresponding subsystems such as wifi, moca, or Ethernet. It also sets the telemetry parameters such as logging interval and decide what information need to be logged according to the configuration sets by the user.

The WIFI Manager API provides support to client applications that wish to enable WIFI communications on a STB.

Another important feature of the network manager is to notify other application or other listeners when a major event occurs with the Wi-Fi sub-system
Here the event may of following types.

Wi-Fi Network Manager - IARM Event & Calls

Lets see how the event notification mechanism works. Basically all the event related activity are done through a D-Bus messaging extension known as IARM. In our case the network manager will register few event names and their corresponding event handler function. When an application is interested to receive that event, he will be register as a listen to that event. Whenever the event occurs all the register listener that are connected to IARM will be able to receive the notification.

IARM CallDescriptions


Retrieves the List of available APs


Returns the properties of the currently connected SSID


Enable the WIFI adapter on the box


Connect with given or saved SSID and passphrase


Retrieves the type based on active network interface


Retrieve the get radio stats properties

IARM Call implementation:

IARM Events Notificaiton:

Basically we have 2 types of events for Wifi Manager notifications.

State change notifications events:

Error events: