Wayland - What and Why?

Webkit for Wayland

Advantage of WPE over QtWebKit

Newer WebKit= newer features:



A Traditional Approach for Rendering

In traditional approach, the central role of X-Server and the steps required to get contents on to the screen is presented in below diagram.

Wayland Approach for Rendering

Removed X-Server and the compositor is the display server. Lets the compositor send the input event directly to the client and lets the client sent the damage event directly to the compositor.

Wayland - What and Why?

“Wayland is a protocol for a compositor to talk to its client as well as a C lib implementation of that protocol”. Weston is the reference implementation for wayland. Westeros is a compositor, a replacement of Weston. This provides clear interface towards graphics and input.

Wayland Process flow:

Why Westeros?

Westeros Use Case

Gives the hosting application (MSO Guide) control over the presentation and composition of 3rd party applications.


WPE Architecture

WPE and Wayland Clients

Code Restructure 

Work Accomplished in RDK

Functional Test (HTML5): QTWebkit Vs WPEWebKit

These tests are based on the site  https://html5test.com/

Functional Test(CSS3): QTWebkit Vs WPEWebKit

These tests are based on the site http://css3test.com/


WPE Support with RDK - Recipes




westeros.bb westeros.inc westeros-simplebuffer.bbwesteros-simpleshell.bbwesteros-sink.bb

WPE Webkit:

wpe-webkit_0.1.bbwpe-webkit_0.2.bb wpe-webkit.inc

WPE Support with RDK - Build

How to work with WPE