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Comment: update pre-built images


"current" buildscript, using meta-cmf-video-reference: https://github.com/stagingrdkm/wpeopencdm/blob/master/scripts/fetch-reference-rpi-nosrc.sh . 

pre-built image from 27 Apr 3 May 2021 here: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1xA0AYonaYp0Badd1SzC_nRn27UaF8CdbKE9th_Jdz0zzaES-99oXl3OCkvM6ln4m/view?usp=sharing

RPI "next" build script and prebuild 

"next" buildscript, using meta-cmf-video-reference-next: https://github.com/stagingrdkm/wpeopencdm/blob/master/scripts/fetch-reference-next-rpi-nosrc.sh .

pre-built image from 27 Apr 3 May 2021 here: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1CY7TMvrfmmRuZnNJ_6mnZkTvcy-zXm3V1N-hrIW1t9pcqGpAmwgNxsSH-z_9whdVF/view?usp=sharing

Untargz the tarball and flash it to sdcard. For flashing you can use balenaEtcher.