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Upcoming Webinar

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titleDownloadable Application Containers

Tuesday, March 23rd, 2021,  11:00 AM EDT

Presented by:  Rahul Mehra, CTO, Consult Red  & Stephen Foulds, Software Engineer Consult Red

Downloadable Application Containers are mechanism that enable Native Apps to be containerised and then deployed to the embedded RDK-V and RDK-B devices. In this webinar, Rahul Mehra and Stephen Foulds will:

  • Introduce the audience to benefits of containers
  • Give an overview of the software components that RDK offers, which enable container support to be added to operator platforms
  • Walk through adapting an application for DAC, publishing it, adapting it for a specific STB and operator, and downloading and running it
  • Provide a deep dive of some of the configurations options

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