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From a code base standpoint, RDK management is an independent entity which ingests, tests, and monitors the continuous cycle of code development. Using an open-source approach, RDK-B code are made available to users through the Apache 2.0 license at no cost. Companies that are members of the RDK community can contribute software changes and enhancements to RDK Broadband stack.
To get step-by-step build instructions select one of the following link according to your platform.

Build setup procedure - Raspberry Pi
Build Setup procedure - Emulator for PC

In order to build the source code, we need to source the environment and build the required image using bitbake. The build instructions are device specific (e.g Emulator, RaspberryPi) and we need to be careful in using the proper environment setup file. We will take example of Raspberry-Pi and emulator here for reference.