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The Linux D-Bus in RDK-B is a central point where applications can send and listen to signals and conduct method calls, while extending a common architecture across CPUs.

Goals of RDK-B include creating a standardized IP endpoint and platform to which companies can develop code. Both Arris Group Inc. and Technicolor/Cisco Systems Inc. have contributed code to the RDK-B stack.

From a development, design, and release standpoint, RDK takes all the necessary software modules and places them into a preintegrated kit. Operators could provide the kit to a System on a Chip (SoC) manufacturer to integrate, without the need for additional hardware integration for development.

Advanced Support Program

The Advanced Support Program or ASP, was developed in response to requests from community members for shared development, training and testing tools. The program leverages RDK expertise across the community to develop new tools, enhance training materials and lower individual costs for development.