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  1. Edit the existing recipe. If RDK-M agrees and no one else actually uses thunder with dobby in RDK-B (seems likely since it's missing the recipes) then the existing recipe can be changed to remove the dependency on 'dobby-thunderplugin'. 
  2. Add a new version of the recipe. If we want to leave the existing recipe in place then a new version can be added. The distro feature can specify PREFERRED_PROVIDER or PREFERRED_VERSION to get this new version.
  3. Toggle the dependency via the distro feature. As was shown here. The dependency can be edited to be removed when the 'dac' feature is enabled. This change would edit the existing dobby recipe

Due to the fact that the meta-rdk layer is shared between RDK-V and RDK-V, option 3 is preferred.

Delivering these changes can either be done via a pull request or a patch set. Depending on which approach is taken.