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This link describes the Features and Bug Fixes between the current Quaterly Release (rdkv-2019q2) and the previous Quaterly Release (rdkv-2019q1).

components/asp/rdk-oe/meta-rdk-asp/b000a86RDKCOM-867: Ref Platform test coverage improvementEnhancement

b0f4d3fEnable ledmgr buildEnhancement
f0149ed Add coverity support in mfrlib-emulatorEnhancement
b88dd6bAdd coverity support in devicesettings-hal-emulatorEnhancement
23bedb2REFPLTV-295 : RDKBROWSER2 containarizationEnhancement
b807b3cAdd support for coverityEnhancement
4267b4a Enable xupnp for broadbandEnhancement
89e5d97Add support for coverityEnhancement
1c234a0REFPLTV-307 : Changing certificate name in net-snmpBug Fix
21af014REFPLTV-305 Missing libWPEJavaScriptCore in LXC buildsBug Fix
d91ec8dREFPLTV-300 : Westeros is not running in latest emulator imagesBug Fix
f65991cREFPLTV-287 : RDK-V containerization: Implementation on emulator with latest lxc versionFeature
bb8ebcdReinstate hdmicecheader dependencyBug Fix
components/generic/fog/35f426dCPC-2377: Port the fogAnalytics feature from master to sprintEnhancement
2f49482RDK-24177 : FOG User Agent in Curl RequestsEnhancement
components/generic/gst-plugins-rdk/746a3ceDELIA-34569 : Removed the RmfElementBuffer which possibly corrupts the bufferBug Fix

a94a913RDKCOM-955 RDKCMF-8030 TTXT and Subtitles PES extraction support Feature
4dc0065DELIA-35079 : PSN identityADS must be populated Enhancement
6676b54RDK-23405 : Default Device Configuration overridden by RFCEnhancement
1ad25d7DELIA-31366 : Report SRM-521 when VOD Tune fails with TimeoutEnhancement
ffcab25DELIA-35104 : Hybrid UseCase fails to keep Tuner Status as ActiveBug Fix
27e3f5eDELIA-34317 : Drop outdated chmap and DAC id entries from cacheBug Fix

4c0d999RDKMDOC-50: MFR Libs interface specification.Enhancement
5fb06e7 Add support for coverityEnhancement
ec86bc6Add dca recipe appendsEnhancement
fdc4cd0 Update hdmicecheader path in external source definitionsEnhancement
bc8aa54Add ledmgr-headers to external source definitionsBug Fix
1844f89REFPLTV-229:Unable to build RNE Image due to sysint installation failureBug Fix
8dda058REFPLTV-229:Unable to build RNE Image due to sysint installation failureBug Fix
3551e0fRemove sso dependencyBug Fix
8629b94Update configs to use nightly/20190609-rdk-next branchNA
063708cUpdate configs to use rdkv-2019q2 branchNA

95e7541REFPLTV-209: Enabling recorder module in RPIFeature
1cc06baREFPLTB-289: Reference Implementation (Broadband) of Liberty Containerization implementation on R-PiFeature
70734caAdd support for coverityEnhancement
4211226Enable ledmgr buildEnhancement
caca7bbREFPLTV-308 : Change RPI builds WEBBACKEND to rdkbrowser2Enhancement
befe37dREFPLTV-306 : tdk-lxc image creation on rpi platformEnhancement
d55020aREFPLTV-298 : RDKBROWSER2 containarization on Raspberrypi platformEnhancement
1947d69Add support for coverityEnhancement
bca6a4cEnable xupnp for broadbandEnhancement
c14c147 Add support for coverityEnhancement
ec2fa6aRDKCMF-8285 Add rpi specific patch to websocket-ipplayerEnhancement
5737527Remove redundant sed line in appmanager recipe appendBug Fix
44d52b2REFPLTV-293 : Rmfapp is not working in latest hybrid-lxc imagesBug Fix
d7b95e3Remove parodus2snmp recipe overrideBug Fix
7626205REFPLTV-305 Fix RPi LXC build failuresBug Fix
4e5ded9REFPLTV-303 : RDKBROWSER2 container audio problemBug Fix
e8b5871REFPLTV-229: Unable to build RNE Image due to sysint installation failureBug Fix
3eabbfaREFPLTV-305 Missing libWPEJavaScriptCore in LXC buildsBug Fix
3310aedREFPLTB-303,REFPLTB-304 : [TDK]RPI is not rebooting on factory resetBug Fix
372dbfbREFPLTB-314 : Device.IP.Diagnostics.X_RDKCENTRAL-COM_PingTest.ecmMACBug Fix
c00b51aREFPLTV-296: IARMBus Call to GetXUPNPDeviceInfo is returned null infoBug Fix
5c10f2eRemove 0001-xfinity-remote-key_menu.patch from buildBug Fix

0afa33aAdd ledmgr SRC_URI overridesEnhancement
2352287 Add missing xupnp dependency in tdkEnhancement
fc3c626Add coverity support in rdkatEnhancement
61d584aAdd coverity support in ttsEnhancement
6a6807fAdd support for coverityEnhancement
1e877b2Add support for coverityEnhancement
2d3d69aAdd support for coverityEnhancement
ac0be77Add support for coverityEnhancement
0c04eefAdd support for coverityEnhancement
d4099fe Remove aamp SRC_URI overridesBug Fix
components/generic/rdk-oe/meta-cmf-video-restricted/d87def6SRCREV_FORMAT set as multiple SCMs availableEnhancement
1d67e5fdeprecated oe functions replacedEnhancement

4e3755cRDK-20161: Develop code for Ledmgr opensourcingFeature
4e0c1c4 DELIA-35286 : Spark 1.7Enhancement
eff5fa2RDK-23696,DELIA-34515 : CEDM Hardening, deploy pre-buildsEnhancement
29ff8e5RDKALL-1274: c-ares dependency changes for quaggaEnhancement
250ac43RDK-23613: Conditional USB automountEnhancement
29ede42RDKCOM-952 RDKCMF-8527 Upstream latest version of lxc-container-generatorEnhancement
480d95dRDKB-19385: Use OAUTH to replace POTD, phase 2Enhancement
f47d9dcRDKCOM-825: Move DCA recipe to meta-rdk layerEnhancement
a46c654RDKALL-1126: Add support for blacklisting COVERITY_BLACKLIST_PATHEnhancement
09d6b36DELIA-33880 : Spark 1.6Enhancement
3206acbRDKB-21216 : self heal to restart Parodus stuck connectingBug Fix
b1d3e1fRestore the order of package groupsBug Fix
c6a4936RDKB-22499 : reset parodus token after 403Bug Fix
279e506DELIA-36026 : Stable Local VM build fail in cpgBug Fix
components/generic/rdk-oe/meta-rdk-containers/f2ece75REFPLTV-295 : RDKBROWSER2 containarizationEnhancement
f6427a5REFPLTV-287 : RDK-V containerization: Implementation on emulator with latest lxc versionEnhancement

82a71c8RDKB-22408 :Develop code to support extended DNS (EDNS) request per RFC6891Feature
747a656RDK-24324: [RNE] SDK download from USBEnhancement
823afebXRE-13992: enable -fsection-anchors for MIPSEnhancement
1c138aeWKIT-1165: XRE key mappingEnhancement
4c023a0 XRE-13988: Initial support for Dolby VisionEnhancement
172fd3cDELIA-30250 : [Field] 4K HDR content using VP9.2 codedEnhancement
5c15aa6RDKALL-1278: Upgrade libfontconfig to 2.12.1Enhancement
b1a508fRDKB-21548 :Develop code to support Secondary XDNS serverEnhancement
0630de2RDK-21755, RDK-23613: [RNE] SDK download from USBEnhancement

RDKCOM-953 RDKCMF-8527 Upstream latest version of lxc-container-generator

c07f96aBCOM-3327 - [DASH] Support iframe trickmode for multi period assets.Enhancement
50ac23aRDK-22987: enforcing TLS 1.2Enhancement
6f239bfAXG1V4-1492: Backport 'GStreamer Register elements during load'Enhancement
aef9f4aDELIA-35007: Fixed race conditions is RevSSH setupBug Fix
fbc31d1XRE-13790, DELIA-34982: WPEWebProcess crash when closing YoutubeBug Fix


XRE-14071: Shaka player fails to play encrypted content.Bug Fix
fc19d29XRE-14079: backport EME related changes from wpe-20170728Bug Fix
750b9cbRDKALL-1627 : Security Vulnerability for glibc, zlib and libtasn1Bug Fix
6195c78RDKCOM-979: BLDK-679 Add removed headers in meta-rdk-ext dnsmasq patchesBug Fix
91ce496XRE-14086: disable shared JSCBug Fix
84aade0RDKALL-1627 : Security Vulnerability for glibc, zlib and libtasn1Bug Fix
afafb4eRDKALL-1332: Disable lightttpd symlink followingBug Fix
3ba8f33RDKB-15078: Merge XDNS patches + add patched from meta-rdk-meshBug Fix
6f6f5feRDKCOM-912,REFPLTB-256: Unnecessary build dependency in lxc recipeBug Fix
5e255ddRDKB-21133: Add RDKB-Fix-BindReuse-Bug.patch on top of dibbler 1.0.1Bug Fix
b85b07aDELIA-34003: fix web process crash on shutdownBug Fix
205f1e3DELIA-35069: Crossy Road Free game is struck with loading screenBug Fix
20779deXMIDT-503 : Confusing nopoll msg about mutex unlock not requiredBug Fix
152d7b5RDKB-12488 RDKB does not support the option to override the debug.ini fileBug Fix
1755aadRDKCMF-8553 Update lxc-container-generator framework_mod.patchBug Fix

7f4127e3RDKTT-1631 Code to download Ledmgr_TestscriptFeature
09e8a031RDK-20161: Develop code for Ledmgr opensourcingFeature
b35bffbdDELIA-35286 : Spark 1.7Enhancement
b9e42030DELIA-35286 : Spark 1.7Enhancement
e07b6d69RDK-23422 : Integrate latest WesterosEnhancement
4469db51RDKALL-1273: Patch for freetype OSS packageEnhancement
2c7d0939RDK-24220 : Added install of sound player library.Enhancement
6921b98dRDK-23114 : RFC Control - HDMICEC FeatureEnhancement
0534ba49RDK-23405 : Default Device Configuration overridden by RFCEnhancement
d580e258RDK-23421 : Integrate latest WesterosEnhancement
c1e44f84DELIA-33880 : Spark 1.6Enhancement
a5976cbeDELIA-33953 : Improper usage of SRCREV_FORMAT servicemanagerfunctionaltest.bbBug Fix

7c5a32dDELIA-35104 Add tuner activity from recorderEnhancement
29848b1DELIA-17895,DELIA-22180: Validate end time elapsed or notEnhancement
4042dd3DELIA-32444,DELIA-32858: Box rebooted due to rmfStreamer crashBug Fix
417c0a0DELIA-35617 Fixed crash observed during the channel changeBug Fix
b8346feDELIA-35617 Fixed crash observed during the channel changeBug Fix
components/generic/subtec-app/5d085feRDKCMF-8530 emulator: display videoplayback and subtitle in wayland-compositorBug Fix
components/generic/tr69/3bdad95RDK-24289, DELIA-35055:Enhancement

c853c49Add support for secure graphics on brcmFeature
a95ae9fAdd test case for Essos pointer eventsEnhancement
24c0123essos: adding EGL CFLAGS for sample binaryEnhancement
4d744feadding EGL CflagsEnhancement
753dde8westeros-sink: Adding Makefile to compile v4l2 support in westeros-sinkEnhancement
37adcf2Move version to 1.01.05Enhancement
38e5881Add test case for Essos key eventsEnhancement
9f59762Add support for v4l2Enhancement
8095ec4Fix position reports while flushingBug Fix
b4600a7Fixes for v4l2 videoBug Fix
components/restricted/rdk-oe/meta-cmf-restricted/cb3e5dbAdd support for coverityEnhancement
components/restricted/rdk-oe/meta-rdk-restricted/fa479a5DELIA-35104 Enable RBI in recorder moduleEnhancement
devices/intel-x86-pc/rdkemulator/mfrlibs/f838f9bAdd Makefile and fix build errorsBug Fix

fcefecbDELIA-34671 : HLS DRM optimization and code re-arragementEnhancement
87c5b84 RDK-23119: Support for Network Proxy option in UVE APIsEnhancement
070f14aDELIA-34364 : [AAMP] aamp.cfg preferred drm should override JSPP configurationEnhancement
7c74f3bDELIA-34063 : Micro event analysis tool enhancementsEnhancement
1ec288cBCOM-3327 - [DASH] Support iframe trickmode for multi period assetsEnhancement
c5f6e82DELIA-34993 : Manifest/playlist downloaded on retune/seek for VODEnhancement
e3cfed5DELIA-35059 : audio cuts out after two seconds for DRM-enabled contentBug Fix
a2a8e88DELIA-34654 - [VSS] AV freeze on linear as video decoder buffer is emptyBug Fix
36b8d49DELIA-34713: misleading license acquisition time reported in microevents for HLS streamsBug Fix
ccd945fBCOM-3444 : Prevent retune of same channel with 3314 DRM errorBug Fix
588e14aDELIA-32223 - "unknown tag" logging on testing VSS streamsBug Fix
e270a31 DELIA-34776 - [HLS] [DAI] Audio lost during ad playout. Also ad played twiceBug Fix
f07f339DELIA-34803 [EAS] [field] Amber Alert started mid-way through alertBug Fix
e50d166DELIA-34803 [EAS] [field] Amber Alert started mid-way through alertBug Fix
77207a3 DELIA-34696: SEGV crash in drm signal handler function.Bug Fix
b166558DELIA-33156:[AAMP] HLS lines starting with # but not #EXT should be treated as comments.Bug Fix
5664158DELIA-34572: Delay in stopping playback when license acquisition is inprogressBug Fix
6cbd919DELIA-33816: Webprocess crash at PrivateInstanceAAMP::IsLiveBug Fix
86feec3 DELIA-33798 : [FIELD] To remove EXT-X-MEDIA-SEQUENCE warningsBug Fix
4d90780DELIA-33306 : Fix for Vod Extra Asset AbortBug Fix
46a6e47DELIA-34306 : ASCP::DRMAdapter_IPrivateKey::sign crashBug Fix
feebedfDELIA-34306 : ASCP::DRMAdapter_IPrivateKey::sign crashBug Fix
8e2aa1dDELIA-33569 : Webprocess crashBug Fix
e593912BCOM-3482 cDVR/IP VOD trick play causing additional logs.Bug Fix
565826bDELIA-35008 : Demuxed HLS Hot CDVR playback exit early or audio loss at the endBug Fix
8958809DELIA-35144 : DRM timeoutBug Fix
7fd6156DELIA-34897 : WPEIPVideo crash in MediaTrack::StopInjectLoopBug Fix
da2a340BCOM-3506: DRM failure with majorError = 3307Bug Fix
944cf80BCOM-3506: DRM failure with majorError = 3307Bug Fix
7711e7c BCOM-3513 : Increase in video decode errorsBug Fix
b561ca7DELIA-34238-AAMP FOG time before retry for 5xx errors should be configurable and default to 1sBug Fix
46906f8DELIA-34060 Audio is muted for few seconds at the start of the ad when IP-VOD DAI is reached during trick play.Bug Fix
3e371d1DELIA-33384 : Make normalization of sequence number optionalBug Fix
rdk/components/generic/audiocapturemgr/d7809e5RDKMDOC-58: Audiocapture manager Doxygen DoumentationEnhancement
rdk/components/generic/bluetooth_mgr/f6ae37cRDK-22498 : Add support for minidumps in BluetoothEnhancement
rdk/components/generic/crashupload/244a71cARRISXB6-9645 RDKB-22912: Mac address is shown as 000000000000Bug Fix
a0d696cRDKB-22558 : Observing "too many arguments" error in uploadDumps.shBug Fix
rdk/components/generic/devicesettings/3fe1c1dDELIA-6397: DS GetSupportedcolors() API returns UNASSIGNED NAMEBug Fix

2967832DELIA-35318: Update IP enable combo with new A key mappingEnhancement
fd12735RDKALL-1332: Disable lightttpd symlink followingEnhancement
f85ca6bDELIA-34743, DELIA-34703 : Fixing the issues with Card SubmenuBug Fix

DELIA-34740 : Correcting the alignment to GA build

Bug Fix
rdk/components/generic/hdmicec/7d7d543RDK-23114 : RFC Control - HDMICEC FeatureEnhancement
rdk/components/generic/iarmmgrs/d2a41b5CPC-2308 : RFC Control - Local CEC LogicEnhancement
rdk/components/generic/ledmgr263ead6RDK-20161: Develop code for Ledmgr opensourcingEnhancement
445c7ebRDKTT-1630: Code changes in ledmgr to support 2 argumentsBug Fix

a92b0cf DELIA-33244 : Netsvcmgr to use script to get deviceIdEnhancement
7da9ce6RDK-23442:Implement getAvailableSSIDsInfo hooks in netsrvmgrEnhancement
518aa11DELIA-32919: getAvailableSSIDs call Hung and box in unreachbleBug Fix
rdk/components/generic/rdk_logger/3dbf98dST2-1914 and ST2-1301 : Porting RDK logger for speedtest on to non-atom chipsEnhancement
7f6b7cbRDKB-12488:RDKB overriding support in debug.iniEnhancement
rdk/components/generic/rdkbrowser2/8b456f5XRE-14102: injected bundle + AAMP for rdkbrowser2.shEnhancement
rdk/components/generic/rdm/c491a03RDK-24324: [RNE] SDK download from USBEnhancement
57d476fRDK-23398 : Remove CEDM command logging from scriptsBug Fix


29577b2RDK-23405 : Default Device Configuration overridden by RFCEnhancement
6a7b592DELIA-32224: Unable to ssh to AX014AN_3.3p2s3_VBN_sey build Bug Fix

5be9463RDK-24220 : Added sound player library.Enhancement
92680ccRDK-23079, RDK-24085 : RAMS API 3Enhancement

RDK-23506,DELIA-34045,DELIA-34005:Service Mgr hooks to support SSID scan

96dc664DELIA-32919: getAvailableSSIDs call Hung and box in unreachbleBug Fix
24a228eRDKCOM-948 RDKCMF-8528: Fix servicemanager systemservice include issueBug Fix
500423eDELIA-33007 : Telemetry metrics Request for update of previous rebootinfoBug Fix
afdb38cDELIA-33660 : [AAMPDASH]: BaseDlFragDl crash in d_find_packBug Fix

ee784a6RDKALL-1332: Disable lightttpd symlink followingEnhancement
0caf56cRDK-23405 : Default Device Configuration overridden by RFCEnhancement
2058692RDKALL-1674: New telemetry endpoint by RFC - RDKVEnhancement
524d11aRDKC-4575: Rename sercomm logs on xw4Enhancement
0545ed1DELIA-34282 appmanager log supportEnhancement
8a9fa6fDELIA-34489: Netflix Downgrade issue between RDM and non RDM versionsBug Fix
b71f108PACEXI5-3175 : check wl recover for self-healing, this is being reverted as suspect for PACEXI5-3198Bug Fix
ade519bDELIA-35091: /tmp/data directory getting wiped after every reboot.Bug Fix
7b731deDELIA-33007 : Telemetry metrics Request for update of previous rebootinfoBug Fix
70fd7e0ARRISXI6-1414:boxIP is empty under deviceDetailsBug Fix

259796fRDKCOM-866: Dependency on bluetooth-leappmgr in tr69hostifEnhancement
036b72eCPC-2189, CPC-2248 : Added TR-181 params supportEnhancement

CPC-2343 : Added TR-181 params support

f4e4831RDK-23405 : Default Device Configuration overridden by RFCEnhancement
7afe908DELIA-32088: tr69hostif.signal_6 Crash in exit_gracefullyBug Fix
77e56a2DELIA-32378,DELIA-33890,DELIA-34073 :Memory Leak in host-ifBug Fix
e1418dbDELIA-28641:Double digit instance nos are failing with invalid parameter nameBug Fix
56e4af3CPC-2449 : Fix webpa response 520Bug Fix
1ce202bDELIA-35556: tr69hostif crash during getNotifySource()Bug Fix
852ee26 DELIA-33173: tr69hostif crash due to signal 11Bug Fix

RDK-23442,RDKPI-217,DELIA-34005:Implement getAvailableSSIDsInfo in wifi-hal

rdk/components/generic/xupnp/c5dd7db DELIA-31053 : Increase discovery timeout to mask network issuesBug Fix

6a46936ds-hal: video port API definitions addedEnhancement
ff1d366Add clean to MakefileEnhancement
931b386ds-hal: typecast error fix for gcc 8.1Bug Fix
rdk/devices/raspberrypi/devicesettings/8afe3ddAdd clean to MakefileEnhancement
rdk/devices/raspberrypi/wifi/760092eAdd wifi_getSpecificSSIDInfo functionEnhancement

b6dc89aRDKCOM-1011: REFPLTB-304 : [TDK]Default value of most parameters under Devic...Feature
b82516aRDKCOM-1009: REFPLTB-307 : [TDK][Emulator]Both 2.4GHz and 5GHz SSIDsEnhancement
87a759eRDKCOM-1010: REFPLTB-314 : Device.IP.Diagnostics.X_RDKCENTRAL-COM_PingTest.e...Bug Fix
df61b65REFPLTB-314 : Device.IP.Diagnostics.X_RDKCENTRAL-COM_PingTest.ecmMACBug Fix

66d84294RDKTT-1618 : Updated TDK agent versionEnhancement
f1b5fed5RDKTT-1635 : IPV6 support for Spark and Optimus Prime executionEnhancement
5afd6c5eRDKTT-1631 Adding script to run Ledmgr for TDKEnhancement
2e4b6e7dRDKTT-1619: Ref Platform test coverage improvementEnhancement
962e3a06 RDKTT-1590: TDK M64 releaseEnhancement
65be3564RDKTT-1608 : WEBPA Coverage ImprovementEnhancement
21aab634RDKTT-1590 : Updated TDK agent versionEnhancement
f1dee7cbRDKTT-1596 : Option to download all the test case documents together as zipEnhancement
030a161cRDKTT-1596 : Option to download all the test case documents together as zipEnhancement
d00a30a7RDKTT-1427 : Interface change for script DS_EnableHDCP_InvalidKeySize_132Bug Fix
8a08853f RDKTT-1009: TR069 DeviceIPInterfaceNumofEntries_32 scriptBug Fix

3fb1e9dRDKTT-1631: TDK scripts for LedMgrEnhancement
ef25273RDKTT-1631: TDK scripts for LedMgrEnhancement
c0f841eRDKTT-1640 : FOG Coverage ImprovementEnhancement
c1d65a8RDKTT-1619: Ref Platform test coverage improvementEnhancement
d91aca2RDKTT-1590: TDK M64 releaseEnhancement
01a296cRDKTT-1607 : FOG Coverage ImprovementEnhancement
bbdf735RDKTT-1608 : WEBPA Coverage ImprovementEnhancement
68b75d9 RDKTT-1580 : ServiceMgr DDS script modificationEnhancement
c4309bcRDKCOM-867: Ref Platform test coverage improvementEnhancement
244889fRDKCOM-867: Ref Platform test coverage improvementEnhancement
4331853RDKTT-1588 : Recorder script:to add dvrprotocolversion pre conditionEnhancement
124e5deRDKTT-1587: TDK M63 releaseEnhancement
7152804RDKTT-1493 : Rdk browser2 TDK changesEnhancement
3ef719dTDK-1287 : WebPA test coverage supportEnhancement
10ccc67RDKTT-1521 : AAMP EnhancementsEnhancement
905f1d4RDKTT-1644: SM_System_Get_System_Versions is failing in stable2 buildsBug Fix
644a088RDKTT-1569 : Few of the SM scripts are failing in emulatorBug Fix
a452aa1RDKTT-1561 : Recorder script modificationBug Fix
196e906TDK-1618: TDK M65 Release - correcting script name meta dataBug Fix
8572124RDKTT-1556 : Recorder script modificationBug Fix
dd86b76RDKTT-1562 : Recorder script change to change sleep time before rebootBug Fix
4577f93 RDKTT-1578 : Recorder script change to remove "USER_STOP" checkpointBug Fix
488d395RDKTT-1451 : AAMP script and interafce changesBug Fix
f3299f7RDKTT-1615: AAMP TDK test failingBug Fix
c11b8d5RDKTT-1633: TDK-V webpa script failures due to script issueBug Fix
03ed0beRDKTT-1631: TDK scripts for LedMgrBug Fix