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  • 2023-10-17 Meeting notes

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Discussion items




  • Dac-Sec in rdk-next not turned on , cherrypicked to rdk6_main (LGI ticket) - not looking for certs. People / PIF can turn on themselves with their certs enabled in build.
  • BRCM could take the RC candidate and fork - their changes not to be merged into RDK6 as it could adversely impact RDK6. 
  • Cobalt 24 being worked by App team for RDK6.  Will need RDK6 updates, new recipe, DAB - independent components/changes. Missed RC.3
  • RC.3 recut with revert of Rpi change (Pradeep/Deepthi agree basic sanity test gap) - will be available tomorrow. (builds in progress.)
  • Need gap of a few days between rdk-next and rdk-main merge.


  • RDKV Aamp issue - offending change identified. To be reverted and tried (was a specific change for Foxtel). James to provide Nightly with change reverted for platform teams to try.
  • Gaps in testing - need dedicated manual testers and reviews form engineering leads.
  • Hotfix for RDKV (sleep fix) required. TDK testing started.
  • RDKB testing coming to end - should be able to release this week.
  • Test results / documentation with Rama to update for RDKB.
  • Might be an idea to drop camera next year.


    • Hackathon branches are an issue - not good, one is 320 MB into RDK_Apps.
    • Retries issue on Github is quite rare (once a quarter) - Martin to open ticket for better error handling
    • Alan investigating GitSecrets client side hooks with Steve.
    • Needed to enable https to get UI to work - but introduces scan timeout issue- workaround is to do port forwarding to access the UI.
    • Reading up on Coverity. Bitbake build for component in place. Options to run binary with files as parameters. will need to install coverity on elastic slaves and add coverity builds. 
    • Coverity exe used to generate json file - may be sufficient. Otherwise will need to look at soap/rest api. Need mapping to know which recipe is used for building a component. 
    • XGuardCert Comcast tool to be investigated
    • Rialto coverity report created - follow up call with Luke of Sky needed.
    • Supporting Alan on Coverity - connected with Tony Colclough also.
    • Created Approval request for Jeremy's icons.
    • Martin to address KB updates on return from vacation.
    • .
    • ermgr scanned.
    • KB upgrades to be discussed with JAmes - Thurs/Fri. 
    • .
    • 3 components opensourced
    • Scanned repos in Comcast in preparation for hosting.
    • Coverity upgrade to be done this week
    • Target Friday for Protex KB upgrade.
    • ermgr opensourced but recipe not moved / updated yet.
    • .
    • KB upgrade failed - synopsys ticket opened. Need dev license
    • Working on dac_seec and LISA.


    • Status
      • Everything setup manually first - Plan to work with Cedric to add lab slaves to Cedric's Puppet.
      • Rack 2 - switch is fubar - not currently used so won't spend too much time on that. 
      • Rack 4 has intermittent IOLAN issues - low priority
      • Rack 5 -  12 slots out of 16
      • 5GHZ WiFi connection failures (40%) - needs ticket and investigation. 
    • Priority now: Stormtest->CATS→Puppet
    • Providing access to CMFLab to RDKM team would expose .netrc passwords etc. and give access to soc code. So problematic.
    • Python 2 special on old stormtest server is fine as is - won't update
    • PFSense has different base OS - need to figure out how to handle that - reading documentation
    • Rpi3 Broadband sanity test issue (REFPLTB-2296) - being worked. (Not seen on Rpi-4) rpi-4 default now, rpi-3 nightly.
    • CATS Power requirements worked out by Alan - 33KW (PIF team may also be able to provide input). Mapping out circuitry of racks
    • Waiting on electrician for transformer
    • .
    • One transformer arrived.  NSC rack removed. Next step is for 2nd transformer to arrive, electrician to lift floor tiles to provide power circuit. Will do PFSense at same time
    • Need to request CATs support person in advance.  Alan to get electrician timelines from Sue.
    • .
    • 1 transformer in place - electrician trying to source 3 phase one.
    • .
    • Rack moved to make space for CATS rack - power moved by electrician
    • 3-Phase transformer - bespoke being soured by electrician.
    • .
    • Completed NW and power change connections to make way for CATs rack. VM updates in progress. Alan to add checklist for James for when he is out.
    • Metric report being generated
    • Griffin has potential HD issue - repowered up and okay for now.
    • .
    • Hybrid networking changes complete (avahi support)


  • DAC tests to be added  or refapp2 - once 23.0.1 migration is complete.
  • BRCM RefApp2 broken
  • Rpi-4 migration in progress.
  • Next up supporting Aamp team CI.
  • .
  • Rpi-4 CI done - adding RPi4s to racks this week.
  • Supporting BRCM team on serial port issues
  • Need to reflash realtek boards due to OTA issue
  • Complete WLPL investigation.
  • Next - support AAMP CI.
  • .
  • Imports / Roundtripping taking a lot of time
  • Lost day to realtek issue.
  • Rpi-4 migration in progress
  • .
  • Rpi-3 to be removed from contribution testing (will still do nightly). Some Rpi3s will continue to be used for Aamp CI. 

  • Metrics / Tooling :
    • TruffleHog now reporting to slack for Gerrit and GitHub - if issues detected - DSL changes to be pushed. Martin and Stephen to be added to channel.
    • Jenkins DSL → pipeline triggering -  put on hold for now
    • Migrated secrets scanning to python3
    • Need table on TruffleHog/GitSecreta/Coverity on Gerrit , on Github, automated/manual, contributions.
    • Coverity:
      • Challenge with Coverity will be mapping of recipes to components. 
      • Refocus on coverity contribution scanning for next month.
      • Analysing rdk coverity builds, Charlies web pages, Simon's scripts. Got new slave to work on Coverity.
      • Lots of work on Coverity - documented on wiki. (Builds, Streams / Projects). Static analysis on all components - not just C (Javascript/Python etc.)
      • Steve to create metatdata tuple recipe - component.
      • CMF-13655 coverity contribution - get POC on internal jenkins hardcoded with Utopia to begin with.
      • Coverity scanning - reading up on synopsys documentation. Did build all and produced utopia report.
      • Next step build Utopia in isolation. Need to have meeting with Simon/Martin to clarify how existing tools handle changes.
      • Martin to reach out to Tony Colclough to request meeting on on what they do in Comcast.
      • Coverity pipeline put in place by Simon - for contributions. alan looking at data - analysing existing versus new - generate report that identifies changes.
      • Update from Tony Colcough - provided link to what they do, webportal available for developers. Nightly builds - can isolate newly occurring issues only.
    • Contribution metrics pages updated for August
    • .
    • Metrics report released today.
    • Coverity - going through Martins report. Next step contribution identification - need to identify lines changed - Steve working on providing that
    • This week focus on isolating changes to files.
    • Alan to provide table of tools - Gerrit & GitHub status
    • .
    • Script to identify line numbers of change set in Gerrit completed - jason format to be agreed.
    • Next step is to marry that with work done to generate an over all report. 
    • Next step get working for GitHub.
    • Investigating static analysis on non C repos (WebUI)
    • Project: Repo, Stream : Branch. vs Project : Profile, Stream component.
    • Monthly metrics reports (Parked SLOC)
    • Need to plan migration to main from python3-master. 
    • .
    • Coverity static analysis working for non C code on Gerrit and GitHub
    • Writing python script to marry Steve's line number data with Coverity reports. 
    • Steve to work on providing line numbers from GitHub PRs - non trivial.  GraphQL
    • Alan also updated SLOC data - will sync on that. 
    • .
    • Working on GitHub PRs which can contain hundreds of commits - complex but possible to get lines. (Plan B - clone and do diff)
    • Static analysis of contributions working on Gerrit - received first issue reported to slack today.
    • Next step C code - how to get the list of changes to pipe into Steve's script?  Take offline  - chat with Simon. 
    • .
    • Metric maintenance completed.
    • Coverity removed hardcoding form scripts. Investigated robot comments - back to gerrit/github. Utilities avaialble (Simon's scripts etc)
    • C code integration not progressed - to be discussed with Steve/Simon/Alan today.
    • MArtin / Alan / Steve t review ticket before sharing with Comcast security team.
    • GitHub use of graphQL - too complex. Will try git diff instead - hopefully works by end of this week (sed / awk to pick out line numbers.)


    • Jenkins Pipeline- deferred. Gerrit upgraded to 3.7.4
    • Gerrit issue where UI reverts didn't get mirrored to replica. Ticket raised. Alarm script complete for reverts not getting to replica. 
    • Moving ubuntu entities to 20.0.4. Kirkstone requires 20.0.4
    • Final jenkins upgraded to ubuntu 20.04. Build slaves remain on 18.04 for now - will migrate to 20.04 when we move to kirkstone.
    • BOT account still to be reassigned to Cedric - will follow up with Rama next week.
    • Lambda job in pace - SQS plugin still there but not required. Cedric to raise a ticket outlining jobs that need to move.
    • Build IMI images - removed python2 stuff. Shining Panda uses 2.7. Yocto analysis.  Ticket to update to python 3.Build Slave - 20.04 in progress. Needs tests
    • Crowdstrike update - Cedric to email for update.
    • Upgraded Ubuntu build AMI to be tested by Simon when time permits.
    • Tracked emails sent to junk folders
    • Gerrit upgraded to 3.7.4 - issue with labels mostly sorted.
    • Will upgrade jenkins next weekend. 
    • Progressing SQS removal from build jobs
    • Still chasing Crowdstrike issue and Junk email issue.
    • .
    • SQS removed from internal jenkins.  1 to do on RDM jenkiins (handle Simon's blacklist filter - cant access meta data on public jenkins. Steve to check if anything proprietary there.
    • Working on persistent build slaves for wider RDKM team.
    • Ticket closed on junk email issue - seems sorted
    • Jenkins upgrade postponed for now.
    • .
    • Jenkins internal upgrade complete
    • Additional Alerts added
    • 2 AM Gerrit load very high - analysing.
    • 1 Tata person - stopped cloning, 1 still cloning with multiple threads - will contact again.
    • .
    • Cedric working to provide RDKM access to builds - phase 1 provide access, phase 2 optimise ss state cache. 
    • Setting up Autobhan for external access (superseed ssm access) = subnet created, AWS setup implemented, AMIs in place - next security groups and Autobhan.
    • Should be able to test with friend user in a few days.
    • Crowdstrike issue persists on ephemeral build slaves.
    • Vantiva issue resolved, Tata person needs follow up. 
    • .
    • Crowdstrike upgrades completed. Still an issue on build servers - no response to Cedrics suggested solution.
    • Autbahn not a good option as woul dneed to publish IPs. Wil go with AWS SSM instead. End of month should be ready with phase 1.
    • Phase 2 might take a bit longer - ssstate cache - need to be clear on what can be shared, how to limit access.
    • Have 2 flavours of EFS - Rpi and Platform. Will need 2 more for platform variants. This week meet to determine how its going to be done.
    • No outstanding issues with community high volume clones.


    • IPClient Rpi4 build broken - with platform team.
    • DVBDTVKIT - new branch in GitHub. Platform team to try out. BRCM only. Rpi use binaries in build. Hosted code not merged. Martin okay to scan code on Gerrit - not related to SDK23.
    • Clean up of branch names on cmflib etc will be done in August by James..
    • QT source code needs update for new ubuntu AMI builds.
    • .
    • WLPL change to be brought to rdk6_main
    • rc.2 build jobs / scripts created to handle hybrid of rdk-main and BSP update. Testing.  rc.2 has new bsps. 
    • Next
      • Slash / Dash problem with branching under investigation - goes back to Morty.
      • Kirkstone support - a lot of the changes are very hackey (if it doesn't work - remove it!). Depends on BRoadband team having a build off of rdk_next.
      • Feature branch CI support (need to consider DEPS notation)
      • QT code change for focal upgrade
    • Imports very busy - breaking builds
    • RC.2 cut
    • RDK6_Main CCB, management
    • Assisting those with basic cherry picking problems - dealing with conflicts.
    • .
    • Updating branching scripts for kirkstone. Q3 will use feature branch.  Lots of changes yet to roundtrip to rdk_next.
    • Rpi-4 roundtrips stil not completed after 3 months! Follow up with Pradeetpa re prioritising strategy.
    • Fixed coverity build script to handle corner case.
    • A lot of refactoring ongoing - breaking imports,
    • CI support for branches up next.
    • .
    • Lots of build breakages - not getting to important stuff 
    • Another raft of AAMP changes came in this week. 
    • CI for feature branches started (changed refapp build to use our manifest)
    • James has slave that Simon can use.
    • Way too many patches (particularly in SOC layers)- lots of work for us.
    • .
    • Added recipe for ermgr (not rc3.1)
    • Import fixing and patch updates taking up most of time
    • Not much progress on branch CI
    • Removed Turris extender and Rpi3 broadband builds.
    • Lots of work on releases - Q3 and RC.3
    • RDK6-Main taking a lot of time.

  • General Admin
  • Working on repo creation tickets - CMFSupport
  • Developing scripts for Coverity contribution isolation
  • Working on changelog stuff. (cherrypicks, hyperlinks, Gerrit/Github - determine remote.
  • Branching convention for OE layers to be agreed. 
  • James to update changelogs associated with the quarterly release.
  • Slides yet to be done.
  • Hal and Halif repos to be renamed today.
  • halif repos renamed - metadata to be updated.
  • Branch protection on GitHub
  • Working with Sky (Luke) on CI questions.
  • .
  • Discussion ongoing on amazon launcher access - Steve to provide conversation trail


    • Requested intern. 
    • Client side webhooks pseudo code to be provided to Alan to progress. Git client-side hooks working in principle - need to document workflow. Will create repo to host. Release naming rules to be defined. 
    • Irdeto VA being worked to enable better security, to satisfy premium apps requirements. (Anand). Nagra CAS also being progressed. 
    • Kirkstone on Broadband for Q2 will be dev version only. Q3 will be timeframe for formal Kirkstone release.
    • Completed scripts for file extension detection - deployed on Gerrit. Github needs table - not deployed yet. Need DSL base builder!
    • Glee to host monthly call with team.
    • One CODEMGMT ticket to be created for all HAL / HALTest repos.
    • Regular calls with Z and Bart to be setup.
    • Progressed scripting for importing GitHub repos (snapshots, with history, with branched etc) all defined in meta data)..
    • Global summit 19th Sep - Follow up with Brendan re IBC meetings that would require technical backup.
    • Trufflehog / Git Secrets  client side pre-commits  being worked by Steve - will expand to rest of team and look to make available globally to dev community - plan next week.
    • Steve to email 2 tata resources with very slow connections.
    • RDK7/RDK-E hosting still under discussion - Khem producing something for Labeeb
    • Steve to provide slides on Dev Sec Ops key drivers.
    • Need to connect with Jose re LAB support.
    • Martin on vacation next week
    • Kieran to check is alternative office can be used for meeting room.
    • .
    • RDKM senior leadership team planning Ireland trip in October / November (and Rotterdam)
    • Trip to Philadelphia - sync with Brendan / Jose, in context of travel restrictions. Early October.  (SCTE 16-19 Oct Network X 24-26 Oct)
    • Lightning 2.0 maintenance. Lightning 3.0 Wouter to manage his own space on GitHub
    • Glee setup monthly call with team.
    • Monthly status report to senior RDKM team to be created / presented
    • Broadband to remain as quarterly release. No VA planned.
    • RDK7 - not fully understood yet.
    • Change logs updated to include GitHub. Federated components are not in manifests - so need to use gitlog command to get changes between 2 sha-1s (wpe framework, rdkservices, rbus etc.)
    • .
    • IBC Comcast focus on EntOS + Sky Glass.
    • Summit focused on Apps, and certification suite. Irdeto support for operators.
    • Lab support for Broadcom initiatives - Jose looking to Rotterdam lab. 
    • Network issue since Friday - requires DNS updates to config files. Imports from Comcast only handled mediaclient case not hybrid.
    • RDKB release candidate cut today.

RDKB Roadmap


      • Kirkstone. 
      • ACK 5.10 → 5.15
      • Rpi4 Router Onewifi + Opensync integrated  - then deprecate Turris.

Beyond Q4 (Q1 Plan for Q2/Q3)

      • RPi-5 (hackathon?) - Low level
      • Banana-Pi  - Medium Level
      • NXP Ref / Panther mediatek  - High end. ( Not opensourced completely)

IOT - Zilker / Matter  / OpenThread

      • Lots of non OS parts
      • Sky integrating on TV (but core in gateway)
      • Silicon Labs stack  - more open - connects with any eco system e.g. Apple Home.

RDK-V Roadmap

    • Hybrid to be supported on TV 
    • Sky XI1 mediarite stack for DVB
    • RMF no longer being supported
    • AAMP + mediarite for hybrid - side car implementation.
    • TVs CI++ for Europe. STBs - AnyCAS.

Firebolt Connect

    • Launch Apps from GitHub repos
    • Migration of Apps progressing to pan 50 - 60 by Q4
    • HBO moving apps from android to Lightning.
  • Other

    • Comcast moving away form supporting hybrids - a lot of work for us to continue to support. (Requires network changes in our lab)
    • RDK7 Entertainment OS - Phase 1 Reqs from SOCs Phase 2 Hosting. Frasier Sterling - community is paramount. Jason strategy deck. New stack
    • Lab for RDKB to be in US with UNI New Hampshire.

Mastership - Stalled

  • STBT-33275Resolved Reopened. Kieran to organise call to get latest update. 
  • ccspPandM POC -  Glee to follow up with Sanjay Dwivedi on ccspPandM - no response from Sanjay. On hold


  • Self hosting key - availability replicas etc.  Gerrit no support for sub modules. Manifest - discrete repos.  Automation via meta data key. RDK6→RDK7 OneRDK compromised?
  • Frasier Sterling driving. GitHub chosen. RDKM to manage - Steve putting together proposal this week.  Need to know how many repos, from where. 
  • Comcast enterprise - users have no access to public repos - by policy, RDKM could change model to use personal accounts - need to be careful about roll off of people who can access private repos.
  • Profile info can include company - useful in determining access.  Authentication policy is key. Could also have personal accounts in LDAP to manage access to artifactory  etc.
  • Manifest, Scripts, automation. plumb CI, branch comparisons can be done if history is maintained. Jira vs Issues, Confluence vs Pages etc.
  • Steve working on approach to authorisation of company people - possibly via LDAP mapping of company emails to GitHub user-ids.  Possibly use script to audit nightly etc. Reminders to login every 60 days etc.
  • Current Jira ticket approach for approvals Glee meeting with Pramod to progress permission from SOCs to host on GitHub cloud.
  • Pramod cancelled meetings. Steve has hosted new meta layer for Gerald.
  • Document updated with onboarding/offboarding  approaches (LDAP could be used to store mappings to company emails - would need to discuss with Infosys folks)
  • Script to be developed for snapshotting / importing from other GitHub repos,  - 2 weeks time. 
  • RDK-E  off track plus RDK-VS (Strategy) - the latter may form basis for RDK7.  Develop in the open. 
  • Meeting with Khem to discuss use of GitHub Enterprise for RDKCentral. Document shared.