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This is the summary page that describes the CMF RDK-B iteration 2.1-20160411. Iterations are CMF snapshots of RDK development code.


BaselineCMF-20160411Updates from Comcast 2016-04-11.
Post-baseline updates  

Known Issues

  • None.

Highlights since the last iteration

  • New components: None.
  • Components updated: CcspCommonLibrary, CcspLMLite, CcspPandM, CcspPsm, CcspSnmpPa, CcspTr069Pa, CcspWecbController, CcspWifiAgent, Utopia, hal, hotspot, webui.
  • Patches updated: N/A
  • Community contributions: None

Getting the iteration

  • The procedure to get the code is as follows:
    $ mkdir rdkb
    $ cd rdkb
    $ repo init -u -m rdkb.xml -b rdkb-2.1-20160411
    $ repo sync -j4 --no-clone-bundle
    $ source meta-cmf-rdkb-bsp-emulator/setup-environment (select qemux86broadband)
    $ bitbake rdk-generic-broadband-image
  • The -m rdkb.xml in the build sequence above is important. If this is not specified, you will get an RDK-V tree by default.
  • The -b rdkb-2.1-20160411 in the build sequence above specifies the branch to use. If you omit the -b rdkb-2.1-20160411 entirely, you will get the master (HEAD) of each component. Right now they are the same, but that will change with time.
  • At any time, the community can build latest master by dropping the -b rdkb-2.1-20160411 in the repo init command. However, unlike RDK-V, we are going to be batch updating RDK-B on a 2-weekly cycle for the moment.
  • We have verified that this iteration boots to a login prompt and that you can log in, and that you can connect with a web browser to the web admin page, but that is the extent of the testing at this time.
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