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RDK2.1 contains Dimark Client v.4.4. But there is only Dimark Client v.4.3 Implementation Guide available. We would be glad to have documentation for current version.

Best regards,


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  1. Hi Alexei,

    Please refer to the folder named "DOC" in the tr69 component source code for the Dimark client V4.4.PDF



  2. Thank you Anand.



  3. Hi,

    Is RDK-B also uses Dimark TR69?



  4. RDK-B no longer uses dimark tr69 client. Initial versions were using it. Current TR69 PA is from Cisco and that is what is being used.

  5. In RDKB Central releases today are you shipping this Dimark Tr69 client ?  Little confused by the title.


  6. Dimark client will not be used and no other clients will be used. Instead, TR069 PA (Protocol Agent) will be used and TR069 PA source code is available in the "../rdkb/components/opensource/ccsp/CcspTr069Pa".

  7. Just to fully understand situation.

    RDK-B is using /rdkb/components/opensource/ccsp/CcspTr069Pa". That is clear.

    But is RDK-V still using Dimark TR69 client or also migrated to CcspTr069Pa ?

  8. RDK-V is still using Dimark client v4.4. 

    RDK-B is using CcspTr069Pa

  9. Which ACS server are you using for testing TR69 on RDKB ?

  10. For testing Tr69, the community may use any ACS server. TDK development team works closely with an operator and uses their own ACS in the operator test environment for validation of scripts.

    1. I would recommend genieacs if NAT is not an issue.

  11. Where can one find equivalent documentation for the TR069 PA client from Cisco?  I'm having difficulty determining how to set the ACS URL, locate logs, etc, in the emulator.

    1. Not sure, but maybe a look into meta-rdk/recipes-ccsp/ccsp/ can help

      See also Re: Setting the ACS URL in RDK-B?

      1. I wouldn't call anything in the recipe documentation.  One can see the location of the files dropped on disk there.  Based on this and other forum posts, I assume the documentation is the source code.

  12. One can configure the ACS URL for the TR069 PA client similarly to the Dimark client.  This isn't ideal, but works.  The file /usr/ccsp/tr069pa/url contains the current ACS URL, but changing it appears to have no effect.  SNMP is the only way I've been able to set it.  The default community strings are public/private

    snmpset -v2c -c private <IP> . s ""

    Now wrestling with TLS support;  The PA client is attempting to inform, but failing because it doesn't have the correct CA chain.  I've put that in /nvram/cacert.pem and restarted the client, but no joy.  Also can't find any logs that might indicate why the client is sad.