The RPI Feature List is categorised by the below functions, Enhancements and new features are developed and contributed asynchronously by members of the RDK Community.




Dependency (If any)

Content Related

Adaptive Bit Rate

HLS (HLS v3 and HLS v4)
MPEG-DASH (gstreamer plug-in)
HTLM-5 Video (MSE/ESE)
MPEG-DASH (Native)
Audio Input FormatsMPEG, MP3, AAC, LPCM, AC3
Audio Output FormatsStereo
Dolby Digital
Dolby Digital Plus (7.1 Channels)
Split HDMI and SPDIF audio outputs
Bit stream Pass-through
Dolby MS12Device Dependency
Audio TracksSAP, DVS
CodecsMPEG2, H.264, VP8
High Efficiency Video Coding (HEVC) (H.265/MPEG-H Part 10)
HDR 10 Bit (HEVC HLS) for IP settopDevice Dependency
HDR 10 4K IP VODDevice Dependency
DeliveryBroadcast, Video on Demand
Switched Digital Video
Video over Wi-Fi (XG->Xi, XG->XB/XW->Xi, XB->IP) ReadyDevice Dependency
IP Multiroom Music Playback (STB to Speakers)
DVBBroadcast DVB-C support
Teletext, Subtitles
In-Band System Information
Song IdentificationCreate Audio Tracks for song recognition services
UHD/4KService Manager APIs for 4K and HDR capability information across devicesDevice Dependency
Content Delivery

Video Input FormatsMPEG2, H.264, VP8
Video Output Resolutions480i, 480p, 720p, 1080i, 1080p
Ultra HD/4K, Advanced High Dynamic Range (HDR)Device Dependency
Dolby Vision Advanced HDR for VODDevice Dependency
Video Over WiFiRefactor UPnP on Xi to be compatible with XB

Advertising Impressions/ Ad WatermarkingMonitor primary tuner for ETV Ad Data, report upstreamCloud Dependency
APIsService Manager
App FrameworkAAMP / RDK MediaPlayer integration on Raspberry Pi
AAMP Buffer health monitoring
Sound Playback for Spark + Native Apps
Firebolt ® SDK download from USB
Optimus Prime application manager
Firebolt ® on Raspberry Pi
Browser EngineQT WebKit 5.1.1
WebKit Pure Embedded integration
Connection SecuritySSL/TLS
GraphicsDirectFB, OpenGL ES

QT 5.1.1
Westeros Wayland Based Compositor
WPE WebKitWPE on Raspberry Pi
Device Management

App Launch OptimizationMigrate from system-journald to syslog-ng for improved performance (~10% reduction in CPU load)
Bluetooth AudioOptimize Bluetooth Discovery & Pairing
BuildYocto 2.2 Morty on Raspberry Pi Reference Platform
DownloadTFTP (CDL), HTTP
Download Enhancements (% download, Log timestamps)
Feature ControlSecuring RFC parameters via encryption
Firmware Download EnhancementsOmit IP Address From Xconf Firmware Download Request
Image CompressionBrotli Firmware Image Compression
ImplementationConverge RDK Video and RDK Broadband Messaging Bus
Initialization & ResetsRemote Reboot, Warehouse Reset, Factory ResetCloud Dependency
Detect & log absence of RF signal within 30s of boot (Thermo)
Boot Time Optimization (Phase 1) –Approx 5% reduction in Boot Time
Boot Time Optimization (Phase 2) – 20% reduction in Boot Time
KernelLinux 4.14 on Raspberry Pi Reference Platform
Local DiagnosticsHTML Diagnostics
Tuner Reservation Diagnostics
Front Panel LED
LoggingTFTP Log Upload, HTTP Log UploadCloud Dependency
Distribute (smear) logging uploads (dependent on XCONF Server)Cloud Dependency
Memory OptimizationUse Flash/SD Card for Firmware Download Temporary Storage (CDL scratchpad)Device Dependency
MoCa 2.0Supports MoCa 2.0 diagnosticsDevice Dependency
Platform EnhancementsCommon WiFi HAL for RDK VideoDevice Dependency
Converge to GCC V6.4 for all Yocto versionsDevice Dependency
Uniform flash mounting services for Video devices
PowerStandby, Light Sleep
Deep Sleep on IP ClientsDevice Dependency
Power SaveSupports ability to enable HDMI port while in standby mode
Remote ManagementSNMP, TR-069, TR-135Cloud Dependency
SNMP Security Hardening
WebPA (IP Clients)
WebPA (QAM Clients)
ssh (secure shell into the device)/ reverse ssh (send trigger to have device initiate ssh)
Feature Control (Remotely enable/ disable individual features on devices without new code deployment)Cloud Dependency
Resource OptimizationImproved handling of app termination/suspension conditions (based on available memory rather than concurrency)
RevenantPersistent WiFi Enable/Disable
SecurityIntrusion Detection
Self HealingSupports hardware self testDevice Dependency
Thermal Monitoring and Shutdown
Self TestSelf Test AppDevice Dependency
Hardware Self Test via WebPADevice Dependency
TelemetryTR-181 Object TelemetryCloud Dependency

IP Video Telemetry
ToolsDOCSIS Spectrum Analyzer
WiFi Band & AP SteeringConfigurable WiFi Roaming Settings
Dual Band WiFi

IP DirectIP Direct support on DOCSIS devices
LAN IPAuto IP, DHCP, Dual Virtual
MOCAMOCA 2.0 support on the home networkDevice Dependency
IPv6 for IP clients
Wi-FiOnboard/Recovery SSID (Lost+Found) ReadyDevice Dependency
WPA Enterprise (IP settop to use Wi-Fi 802.1x authentication) ReadyDevice Dependency

Audio Output PortsHDMI, SPDIF, Composite ReadyDevice Dependency
Bluetooth Audio Output ReadyDevice Dependency
HDMIHDMI Out, HDCP Enforcement, HDMI In
HDMI Consumer Electronics Control (HDMI-CEC) Power Sync
HDMI Switching (Combine CEC and HDMI Input features to enable advanced switching)
USBWebRTC Camera ReadyDevice Dependency
USB Port Detection and Control ReadyDevice Dependency
USB Camera Support ReadyDevice Dependency
WebRTC HW acceleration for encode/decode to enhance performance
User Input

IR Remote
RF Remote with Automatic Pairing to Settop ReadyDevice Dependency
Voice Remote (RF4CE based) ReadyDevice and Cloud Dependency
Video Output PortsHDMI, Component, Composite

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