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  1. I would like to know if it is possible to get the TR-181 data model for RDK-B.

    In the source code of the provisioning and management component I have found the file COSAXcalibur.XML_broadband, into this XML file there is indeed a tr-181 data model, but it looks like incomplete, so I presume it is only used for the provisioning of some services, so where is the rest of the data model library for the rest of the services???

  2. The file "COSAXcalibur.XML_broadband" is used only for PC Emulator, so only limited list of objects & parameters will be available.

    For complete list of PandM parameters data model file, please refer the file "TR181-USGv2.XML".


  3. HI Sangeetha, thanks I have found them, I have seen as well that there is a specific model file for the WiFi component (TR181-WIFI-USGv2.XML and TR181-WIFI-EXT-USGv2.XML), and  I can see as well that Comcast is creating his own data model file for the P&M component (comcast-TR181-USGv2.XML).

  4. Hello,

    Working on the RDK-B HAL, I see that the APIs are mapped against variables in CCSP, which are defined according the TR-181 data model (example file: such as: TR181-WiFi-USGv2.XML).

    I wanted to ask, whether I can understand from the XML file which variables/parameters should persistent, and which not?

    Thanks in advance!

  5. Hello Nachum Barcohen,

    Could you please explain what do you mean by 'variables in CCSP' ? If you are looking for info on which parameters need to be persistent in hardware, it is not related TR-181 data model.