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The latest RDK-B release addresses licensing issues so users are advised to move to the latest release.



BaselineCMF-201708032017-08-03 baseline.
Post-baseline updates  


Highlights since 20170626

  • New components: None.
  • Components updated:
    • crashupload, rdk_logger, CcspCMAgent, CcspCommonLibrary, CcspLMLite, CcspMisc, CcspMoCA, CcspPandM, CcspPsm, CcspSnmpPa, CcspTr069Pa, CcspWifiAgent, CcspXDNS, GwProvApp, GwProvApp-ePON, TestAndDiagnostic, Utopia, Xconf, hal, halinterface, hotspot, sysint, webui, rdkb/devices/raspberrypi/hal, rdkb/devices/rdkbemu/ccsp/rdkb, rdkbemu_xb3, meta-westeros-raspberrypi.
  • Patches updated:
    • patches/rdk-oe
  • Community contributions: 

Getting the code

$ mkdir rdkb
$ cd rdkb
$ repo init -u -m rdkb.xml -b rdkb-20170803
$ repo sync -j4 --no-clone-bundle
  • The -m rdkb.xml in the build sequence above is important. If this is not specified, you will get an RDK-V tree by default.
  • The -b rdkb-20170803 in the build sequence above specifies the branch to use. If you omit the -b rdkb-20170803 entirely, you will get the master (HEAD) of each component.
  • At any time, the community can build latest master by dropping the -b rdkb-20170803 option in the repo init command.
  • We have verified that this iteration boots to a login prompt and that you can log in, and that you can connect with a web browser to the web admin page.

Building the emulator

$ source meta-cmf-rdkb-bsp-emulator/setup-environment (select qemux86broadband)
$ bitbake rdk-generic-broadband-image

The image path will be: build-qemux86broadband/tmp/deploy/images/qemux86broadband/rdk-generic-broadband-image-qemux86broadband.vmdk

To build TDK, follow the steps as for a normal build, above, but use the following bitbake command:

$ bitbake rdk-generic-broadband-tdk-image

The image path will be: build-qemux86broadband/tmp/deploy/images/qemux86broadband/rdk-generic-broadband-tdk-image-qemux86broadband.vmdk

TDK for RDK-B documentation is available:

Running the emulator

  1. Start VirtualBox.
  2. Click New -> Enter name -> Select type Linux -> Select version Other Linux (32 bit) -> Click Next
  3. Select Memory size - 512MB -> Click Next
  4. Select option Use an existing virtual hard drive -> Select the built image above -> Click Create
  5. Once the VM has been created, select the new image and click Settings -> Network -> Select Attached to: 'Bridged Adapter' -> Click Ok
  6. Click Start.This will bring up the emulator with the initial splash screen

Building for RaspberryPi

$ mkdir <workspace dir>
$ cd <workspace dir>
$ repo init –u -m rdkb.xml –b rdkb-20170803-rpi
$ repo sync -j4 --no-clone-bundle
$ source meta-cmf-raspberrypi/setup-environment

Select option raspberrypi-rdk-broadband.conf

$ bitbake rdk-generic-broadband-image

Note. The kernel Image and root filesystem will be created under the ./tmp/deploy/images/raspberrypi-rdk-broadband folder

Documentation for RDK-B for RaspberryPi is available here:

Running on the RaspberryPi

Known Issues


RPI Issues:

  • RPI-41 lighttpd process is not getting restarted automatically once the process is crashed/killed
  • RPI-54 In Connected Device page, Device Type is shown as Ethernet instead of WIFI when client is connected via WIFI
  • RPI-55 Management portal fails to load
  • RPI-57 OperationalDataTransmitRates and SupportedDataTransmitRates of WiFi 2.4 GHz returning empty values
  • RPI-58 The OperatingChannelBandwidth parameter of WiFi 2.4GHz returning empty value

Emulator TDK issues:

  • TDK-396 RDKB EMU Reboots During LMLite Tests
  • TDK-368 RDKB-EMU Intermittent Segfault in CcspWiFiAgent.service
    • observed intermittent segfault when running TS_WIFIAGENT_FactoryReset test on emulator, reboot resolves
  • TDK-395 RDKB EMU TS_SNMP_SetSSIDEnableWithRadioDisabled Fail
  • TDK-377 RDKB EMU TS_WIFIAGENT_5GHZ_AutoChannelEnable segfault in CcspWifiAgent service
  • TDK-372 RDKB EMU CMF RDK Logger Test Failures
  • TDK-375 RDKB EMU TS_TAD UDPEcho Test Failures
  • SSIDs of WiFi 2.4GHz and 5GHZ are retrieved as OutOfService (RDKBEMU-498)
  • Device.WiFi.AccessPoint AssociatedDeviceNumberOfEntries is not getting incremented when WIFI client is connected to the 2.4/5ghz SSID (RDKBEMU-509)
  • Set/Get of 2.4/5GHZ WIFI parameters works via dmcli/webui even without the WIFI dongle connected (RDKBEMU-484)
  • WIFI crashes after setting Device.WiFi.Radio.2.AutoChannelEnable as true and apply settings (RDKBEMU-510)
  • Device.Hosts.X_CISCO_COM_ConnectedDeviceNumber is not zero in Bridge mode (RDKBEMU_504)
  • LeaseTimeRemaining is not getting updated properly (RDKBEMU-505)
  • Unable to connected to changed wifi 5G ssid (RDKBEMU-500)
    • After changing SSID on emulator 5Ghz need to reboot for it to take effect
  • Not able to login to the Xfinity page. Throws error as "Can not get password for admin from backend" (RDKBEMU-508)
  • Parameters like BytesReceived, PacketsReceived are not getting populated after a successful UDP echo command executed (RDKBEMU-502)
  • Device.IP.Diagnostics.TraceRoute.ResponseTime not getting updated after a successful trace route (RDKBEMU-501)
  • Reset of WIFI is not happening through snmp (RDKBEMU-506)
  • Trying to edit the port triggering rule added throws error as "CCSP_ERR_INVALID_PARAMETER_VALUE" (RDKBEMU-507)
  • SNMP Query to get the System Description details is not returning the mandatory fields like HW_REV,SW_REV (RDKEMU-380)
  • Fails to set the value of Device.DNS.Diagnostics.NSLookupDiagnostics.DiagnosticsState as Requested if the DNSServer value as empty (RDKBEMU-503)

Generic TDK Issues:

  • TDK-394 RDKB Wifi SSID test scripts missing time import
  • Polling period not reverting back to default value after OverrideTTLseconds.(RDKB-12374)
  • Reporting period not reverting back to default value after OverrideTTLseconds. (RDKB-12555)
  • ApplySetting operation for enabling auto channel mode of WIFi 2.4GHz is going for timeout (RDKB-13184)
  • ApplySetting operation for enabling auto channel mode of WIFi 5GHz is going for timeout (RDKB-13169)