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Similar to CPowerState in SystemService missing? there is a mention of CFrontPanel in the FrontPanelService code. 

For example:

void FrontPanelService::setPowerStatus(bool powerStatus)

There's also mention of CFrontPanel in the WarehouseService:

    CFrontPanel *helper = CFrontPanel::instance();
bool ok = m_ledData ? helper->powerOnLed(2) : helper->powerOffLed(2);
ok = ok && (m_ledRecord ? helper->powerOnLed(8) : helper->powerOffLed(8));
ok = ok && helper->setBrightness(m_ledBrightness);
if (ok && (progress || fail))
SVCLOG_TRACE("Triggering FrontPanel update by timer");
return ok;

And while I'm typing, those calls to powerOnLed and powerOffLed have some seriously magic numbers... Perhaps they could be enumerated or #defined to CFrontPanel::DATA_LED and CFrontPanel::RECORD_LED.

Other missing class references include:

CAVInput andCAVInputHelper in AVInputServce

CMSOPairing in MSOPairingService

CStateObserver in StateObserverService