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Welcome to the RDK Forums!

The Forum is provided as a service to the RDK community to help you exchange information, tips and techniques related to RDK. You can comment on existing topics or create new topics for discussion.

You may open a forum topic if:
- You have a general question about RDK or RDK tools such as TDK and you want to discuss this with the community.
- You wish to create a community discussion about a specific or general topic.
- You wish to share something you have learned about RDK.

Sometimes opening a Jira ticket maybe the more appropriate thing to do. You may open a Jira ticket if:
- You find a specific issue and need to get it resolved.
- You find an issue with a "how-to", "setup", "user manual" or any documentation associated with RDK.
- You have questions on RDK requirements and technical specifications.

Note: Topics that you create here will be visible to all RDK licensees and their contractors.

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  1. Is there any document available for "debug pxScene javascript code with Visual Studio Code in linux"

  2. how tgo fix build error: pp.c: 3628:47: error: ‘struct crypt_data’ has no member named ‘current_saltbits

    1. Please provide more information on the build environment you are using.