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  1. Hi Gerald Yan,

    RDK-B does not support ALG functions (SIP, H.323 ALG, etc..), since RDK-B is not focused on media streaming functionalities.

    RDK-B architecture & functionality is focused on complex broadband functions such as WAN, LAN and home-networking interfaces, such as Wi-Fi and Multimedia over Coax Alliance (MoCA).


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  2. Hi Sangeetha,

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  3. Hi ,

    RDK-B does not support ALG functions directly (SIP, H.323 ALG, etc..),
    RDK-B Provides Wan Manager component known as "RdkTelcoVoice Manager" which manages the vendor voice stack through TR104 configuration.
    It is responsible for :
     1.Managing TR104 data model and persistent storage of the VOIP
     2.Configuring and managing the life cycle of the vendor voice application through JSON HAL
     3.Monitoring the network events
     4.Managing voice firewall rule data via pub/sub events
     5.Generating TelcoVOIP Harvester report (The component supports data model for generating diagnostics report)


    Deepika Bhat