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I found some point is not make sense, 

It's hardly for implement devicesettings-hal dsGetFPColor() ,dsSetFPColor() .

How do i implement it ?

Or it's not a necessary DeviceSettingHalAPI ?


The point is not make sense as follows:

1)  Function of  devicesettings _dsGetFPColor() use hardcode?

Function of  devicesettings _dsGetFPColor() did not call into devicesettings-hal dsGetFPColor()
at RDK/components/generic/devicesettings/rpc/srv/dsFPD.c _dsGetFPColor()

and it used hard code!

"param->eColor = _dsPowerLedColor;"

2) TDK TestAgent didn't covert colorid to colorDetails?
RDK/tools/tdk/DS_stub/src/DeviceSettingsAgent.cpp FPI_setColor()

Some test Item verify for colorDetails, not colorid.

ex:DS_SetColor test_02.py

3) TDK TestManager condition of verify color is different?
DS_SetColor test_02.py         (compare the colorDetails for pass or not )
DS_SetColor_red test_34.py  (compare colorid  for pass or not)


colorid: 0 1 2 3 4   (ENMM Blue,Green,Red,Yellow,Orange)

colorDetails: "Color:255","Color:65280","Color:16711680","Color:1677184","Color:16747520"


Thank You!