I have uploaded the public part of my ssh key to my profile on code.rdkcentral.com, but if I try to clone this repo via ssh I see this:

$ time git clone ssh://steve.turner@code.rdkcentral.com:29418/manifests
Cloning into 'manifests'...
ssh: connect to host code.rdkcentral.com port 29418: Connection timed out
fatal: Could not read from remote repository.

Please make sure you have the correct access rights
and the repository exists.

real    8m43.752s
user    0m0.003s
sys     0m0.000s

The same error occurs for all other repos that I've tried. Is there a known issue with ssh traffic to code.rdkcentral.com? Cloning via https is OK.

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  1. Hi Steve Turner 

    RDK repos can be cloned via https and ssh is not usually used. Do you have any special use case to try with only ssh and not via https ?

    1. Hi Narayanaswamy Ramaiyer 

      I use ssh for cloning repos from a number of other servers, including github. I prefer to use ssh in favour of https because ssh does away with having to remember to edit credentials in .netrc files whenever I change my password - which I was forced to do for my rdkcentral account earlier this week. Using ssh is just a personal preference, that's all. The RDK documentation states that ssh is supported, and it allows you to add your public key to your profile. But the connection always fails and times out whenever I try to use ssh for cloning a repo.

      1. Hi Steve Turner 

        Yes ssh does away with the need of changing .netrc. RDK central git repos (using Gerrit ) are now 'https only' mode. Let us check with the code management team on any options available for using ssh

          1. Hello Steve Turner 

            SSH is now currently not supported in RDK Central git. Currently we dont have immediate plans to provide the support so the only available option to get code remains to be the https one

            1. In that case, it might be worth correcting the following misleading info:

              1. Stop providing the capability to upload ssh keys as part of a user's profile on https://code.rdkcentral.com.

              2. Change the "Clone this repo" directions on the Gitiles pages to display https URLs instead of ssh URLs. For example, https://code.rdkcentral.com/r/plugins/gitiles/manifests displays the following: