I'm trying to build RDKV 6.0 for Raspberry Pi 4 and generating an SDK for it. I'm able to create the image build without an issue.

However, it goes wrong when trying to do populate_sdk.

I'm getting the error on openembedded-core/meta/recipes-core/meta/meta-environment.bb:do_add_env_variable:


The thing is, it appears to be timing-specific/unreliable. Sometimes after the build is terminated on failure, the virtual_libc file actually exists on the given path. On other times it doesn't, however I always get the same errors.

So to me it looks as if the timing of certain file copies are racing with this task somehow.

I'm currently using an Intel i7-8850H to compile this. Therefore 6 cores/12 threads. (I'm mentioning this because of my suspicion of this being a timing sensitive/concurrency issue)

Build environment

First of all, let me emphasize again that I am able to successfully build the lib32-rdk-generic-mediaclient-wpe-image. Just not the populate_sdk command.

After several weeks of trial and error, I'm currently using a docker container to compile:


The dockerfile and scripts were created based on the instructions here:

Reproduction scenario:

  • Follow the instructions in the README.txt to set up the docker image. (don't forget to replace the hash in the docker-compose.yml file)
  • docker-compose run build
  • ./prepare.sh && ./buildRPI4SDK.sh

I've also tried this: ./prepare.sh && ./buildRPI4Image.sh && ./buildRPI4SDK.sh and it fails the same way. (although the build4PI4Image.sh script succeeds)

Has anyone else faced this problem and were you able to get past this?

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