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TR-069 is the CPE WAN Management protocol (CWMP) for remote management of end user devices from Auto Configuration Servers (ACS).  TR-069 is a bidirectional SOAP/HTTP based protocol. For more details, please visit the TR-069 page

Attached please find the RDK TR-69 data model (RDK_TR-069_DataModel.xlsm). Please add comments to this page to provide feedback





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    There is nothing attached. Clicking on the (RDK_TR-069_DataModel.xlsm) just returns to this same page

  2. Hi Paul, I just tried it and it worked for me.  There was some construction on the site between yesterday and today.  Please try again and let me know if you still have a problem.  Thanks

  3. Nope, the RDK_TR-069_DataModel.xlsm link points to which is the URL for the page itself.


  4. ok, let me take a look.

  5. Hi Paul, our support team reloaded the file, and tested it with normal user account.  We were able to get the file.  Can you please try again?  Sorry for the inconvenience.

  6. Yep, now the attachment is there.

  7. Hi, The link is not working for me.  I've tried in Chrome and IE.  Thanks.

  8. The link is not working for me either.  Thanks.

    1. Thanks Alexei.  That link worked for me too.

    2. Thank you Alexei.

  9. Link does not work for me. points to same page.  (tried chrome and IE)

  10. Link still not working I have create a new forum in order to get the info: TR-181 data model for RDK-B