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Yocto Migration

+ Camera Bringup

L&T: Rajkumar/Kapil


Platform Team :

  • Generated core minimal image using the recipe
  • Analysis on RDK-C manifest and listed out the recipes need to be written and available ones
  • Planned to have validation using userland utilities like raspistil, raspivid etc
  • Also would like to valid the streaming use cases with gst-launch utilities with v4l2 src and glimage sinks etc

RDK-C Team :

  • Working on the Yocto recipes for the SoC SDK with minimal boot core image with external toolchains
  • Suggesting for the streaming use cases for first validation along with basic features such as Webpa

RDK-M Team :

  • Need to work along with Revathy on the meta layers for proposing the changes on recipes
  • Raj to come up with road-map plan for covering the features
  • As of now comcast JIRA is used for epic story ticket and in RDK wiki we shall have restricted page within the RDK-M and Comcast-RDK-C team


Platform Team :

  • Able to perform a media playback using the captured camera content in the RDK-V media client image through an R-Pi -3B Target board
    • Used gstreamer launch command : gst-launch-1.0 v4l2src ! glimagesink
  • Currently trying to bring up the camera in the R-Pi0 and comparing the driver differences between the R-Pi3B and R-Pi0
  • Trying for the media playback using gst command in a week in R-pi0
  • Will be syncing up with Revathy post this call

RDK-M Team :

  • Platform team need to discuss on the RDK-C components and its features for R-Pi0 port and come with a road-map plan on the same
  • Need to target the release for Q-3



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