What is RDK?

RDK is the software that helps run video, broadband, and IoT devices more efficiently by standardizing the software stacks that run on most TV set-top boxes, internet gateways, and IoT devices in the home.




Why to use RDK?

By utilizing open-source components, RDK drastically reduces development cycles, encourages collaboration, and enhances innovation.
Millions of devices around the globe rely on free RDK software to power their next-generation video and broadband services. RDK community members continually enhance the RDK stack through collaboration and contributions; that means limitless innovation and unrivaled speed to market for global service providers of all types. While customers enjoy a wider range of innovative products faster, operators maintain complete control over design, development, deployment, and data.

Business Benefits of RDK

The RDK Ecosystem

The leading operators, solution partners, hardware providers, and product developers from around the world contribute to the expanding RDK community. We connect our members to facilitate the best solutions for service providers, their customers, and the entire industry.

RDK Broadband

RDK Broadband (RDK-B) software is capable of powering next-gen gateways across DOCSIS, PON, DSL, 5G, and ethernet, enabling OEMs to standardize elements of their modems, gateways, and converged devices.

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RDK Video

RDK accelerates the deployment of next-gen video products and services, simplifying customization and user experience.

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