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Welcome to your new space!

The RDK Reference platform which involves the targets Emulator (x86), Raspberry-Pi were used for developers, community to easily develop and test their RDK based applications.Emulator is an application which runs on your computer and provides a virtual RDK device on which you can run your RDK (MSO) applications.

The emulator lets you prototype, develop and test RDK applications without using a physical device. It provides a standard, hardware independent basis for various applications development. The Raspberry Pi target board on the other hand provides ease validation of RDK-Video, Broadband stacks without expediting much test bed infrastructure. The code bundle contains a developer kit (Generic RDK code, SoC patches and SDK) so that the user can develop their own RDK component or modify the existing generic RDK components.

This space is created to share documents and learn about RDK Emulator and Raspberry Pi. Usage guides for each stack/platform, build instructions, forums for asking questions, etc are available in this space.

RDK Broadband

RDK Video

RDK Camera


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  1. Hello,

    Does RDK_B supports any flavours of Intel platforms/Boards ?

    E.g. Intel Cougar Point board or Intel Cougar Park board.